AMLO: application of booster doses for older adults will start this month

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said this Thursday, during his morning press conference, that the application of booster doses of the vaccines against Covid-19 for seniors will start this month.

The president said that he seeks to apply the booster dose for older adults, preventing the arrival of the winter season, “which affects a lot,” he indicated.

He stressed that the application of the reinforcement doses against the coronavirus will be carried out thanks to the fact that the purpose of vaccinating the majority of people over 18 years of age has already been fulfilled, with at least one dose.

Although he admitted that there is still people lagging behind in vaccination, and this, he said, “basically has to do with those who live in very remote communities and we do not want to leave them, so a special plan was put in place to serve the laggards,” he said.

López Obardor mentioned that young people between 15 and 17 years of age are also being vaccinated.

The president stressed that, even last Wednesday, it was possible to reach almost the average daily vaccination, which had previously fallen, which is 500,000 doses. He said that on December 1, 415,000 were applied.

He assured that there are enough doses to inoculate the population, and that is why vaccines will continue to be donated to poor countries. In turn, he reiterated his gratitude to USA for the donation of 10 million doses, since with this, Mexico has the possibility of donating to poor countries in Central America.

The President pointed out that Mexico is one of the 10 countries with the highest number of vaccines applied as of December 1. He said that until that date, the country had 132 million doses of vaccines and 76 million 845 people had been inoculated.

He highlighted that the first 10 countries on that list have 65% of all vaccines applied; from 10 to 50 countries have 30% and from 50 countries onwards, “about 200, like 8% of all the vaccines applied in the world,” he indicated.

He said that if it is not possible to protect the population of poor countries with vaccines, it is the case in Africa, the mutations of the virus will continue, “the important thing here is how we protect ourselves and the best way to protect ourselves is to get vaccinated,” he said.

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