AMLO announces that Mexico will not impose sanctions

Mexico City. Faced with the crisis in Ukraine, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ruled out imposing economic sanctions on Russia and reiterated Mexico’s position of being against the invasion.

Although he has not had rapprochement with any of his peers from Ukraine and Russia, from the National Palace the president emphasized that he will support both Ukrainians and Russians who could be affected by the conflict and dialogue will be promoted to achieve peace.

“We are not going to take any economic retaliation because we want to maintain good relations with all the governments of the world and we want to be in a position to be able to talk with the parties in conflict (…) On the economic issue, we cannot close our territory nobody”, he declared in his usual conference when questioned about the situation of Russian companies such as Lukoil and Aeroflot.

“We are against the invasions of Russia, China, the United States, no invasions, and we have already established our position in the United Nations Security Council, and we are promoting humanitarian aid to reach Ukraine through the UN, but we can no longer, we cannot fall into a leading role that has nothing to do with the restraint that must prevail in foreign policy, “he added.


Given the current situation, the president recalled that Mexico is a fraternal country that cares for and protects the persecuted and refugees, so he will continue with this support.

He also condemned the censorship measures against Russian media, RT and Sputnik.

“I do not agree with the fact that there is censorship in the media, I spoke out against when President Trump’s social media account was canceled, as I also do not agree with the fact that media outlets are censored. Russia or any country. We have to assert freedom, ”he concluded on the subject.

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