AMLO analyzes whether or not the National Anticorruption System disappears

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador informed that it analyzes whether or not to maintain the National Anticorruption System (ANS).

“Let’s see,” he responded to a specific question about whether said system “will continue to be alive,” because the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Officewhich depends on the General Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR).

“With that nothing else. Why the council and pay all the councilors; save, that’s all”, he said during his morning conference at the National Palace.

The SNA is the coordination effort between local and federal authorities to combat corruption, increase transparency and strengthen citizen confidence in public institutions.

And he took the opportunity to refer to the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF), a body with technical and managerial autonomy but which depends on the Chamber of Deputies and has just presented the report of the Public Account 2020corresponding to the second year of the López Obrador administration.

With sarcasm, the president of Mexico asked how many officials have been punished since the ASF has existed.

The autonomous organs were created to simulate transparency, anti-corruption and they don’t work, he assured.

He went further by asking if the members of the ASF “saw” the handing over of the prisons to private parties, the gas purchase at excessive prices, if they “observed” that contracts were being awarded to favor media who built hospitals or what Odebrecht, OHL or Iberdrolaand he himself answered no.

“Now that we’re here, they’re watching, and what’s more, it’s great.”

López Obrador reiterated his interest in the approval by Congress of three reforms to the Constitution in electricity, electoral matters and so that the National Guard depend on the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena).

It will also try, he concluded, the approval of the pending tax reform, if it has time.

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