La automotive industry Claudia Sheinbaum’s demand for capital governing Jefa, not to allow the legalization of illegal vehicles imported into Mexico City, not to form part of the presidential decree, which enters into force .

Through the pressure of merchants for more entities to sum up regularization of “chocolate” cars, President of the Mexican Automobile Distributors Association (AMDA), Guillermo Rosales, dijo: “We can not aspire to a society like the one we love, and that the particular use of the vehicle is dependent and is assumed to be a right without obligations, and because it is a competitive race to compromise the decision of the Automobile Distribution Board, in the distribution, in the capacity, to all our associates, for the amplitude and correct use of the Vehicle Control System, in charge of the Secretariat of Mobility and the Secretariat of Finance “.

In the market of collaboration between the capital government and the AMDA To promote vehicle replacement in the City of Mexico, Guillermo Rosales recorded that the City of Mexico contributes 16% of new vehicle sales to the national level, as it is pronounced because it has a lot to do with it ”, Which is the reconstruction of the vehicle public register, point in point“ no time has to be lost ”, then the objective has only one more peace to hold.

The executive president of the AMDA warning, “we can aspire to convert our country into the automobile base of the United States”.


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