Apodaca, NL. amazon mexico announced the installation of its first Recruitment Center in the country, located in the municipality of Apodaca. Because the company has a significant need for talent this year, 1,500 positions will be opened in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Monterreyreported Diego Mendez de la LuzDirector of Operations at Amazon Mexico.

“Because of the great responsibility that we have as a company to create jobs, we are opening the first Recruitment Center in the country, has the purpose of guiding people who are interested in participating with us and evaluating them to ensure that we offer the best opportunities,” he said.

“We have a great need for talent, this year we are opening 1,500 job opportunities in the Metropolitan area; They are jobs with all the benefits, salaries with incentives, major expense insurance for the employee and his family, life insurance, bonuses, that’s what we want to do throughout the country”, stressed Diego Méndez, during the inauguration last Friday 22 of April.

Diego Méndez de La Luz, commented to The Economist“we try to build capacity where there are large population centers, so we invest in Mexico City in 2015, and in the last two years we opened operations in Tijuana, Hermosillo, Monterey, Guadalajara Y Merida“, he indicated.

Operations in the state began in 2020; they have a Shipping Center in Apodacathey have two Delivery Stations and they will reach three by the end of this year, and they have a Shipping Center“we also have a couple of projects underway,” said the manager, without going into details.

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Amazon Mexico has invested 13,000 million pesos from 2015 to date, and has more than 15,000 collaborators.

“In Amazon Mexico we have been operating since June 2015, we have 10 Shipping Centers, from where the packages leave; 2 Logistics or Classification Centers, and 31 delivery stations, it is the last physical building where a package goes up to a Van, and we have many plans to grow in the country,” stressed Diego Méndez.

logistic importance

He explained that for the company of American origin it is very important to be close to the client. Before, shipments were made from Mexico City to all points of the Republic and took just over two days to arrive, for example, to Tijuana.

In the case of Nuevo León, having a Center in Apodaca, a product can be ordered before 12:00 noon and it is received the same day; in seven other cities they have delivery on the same day, and in other entities the shipment is delivered in two days, except when there is an import order, due to the border crossing.

He explained that in the state of Nuevo León there is a lot of availability of industrial warehouses, like the ones amazon requires, with spaces between 10,000 and 100,000 square meters, however, sometimes they have to invest because they must raise the construction standard, for example, air conditioning and renovating sanitary facilities.

“At Amazon we do not accept that, we want people to have very good conditions, our Shipping Center in Apodaca it’s air-conditioned, we want people to be comfortable there. Sometimes we have to start from scratch and build, because our specifications have very high expectations,” she stressed.

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He stressed that in their work centers, collaborators must have all the comfort and dignity, especially the sanitary facilities and the cafeteria.

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