Amazon employees in New York step forward to form union

Employees of a warehouse Amazon on New York, who intend to form a union after a failed attempt at Alabama, announced Monday that they took the first step before the labor law agency takes care of it, which the trading giant questioned.

“We already have more than 2,000 signatures and this is just the beginning,” announced the leader of the movement, baptized as Amazon Labor Union, ALU (Amazon Workers Union), Christian Smalls, leaving the federal labor law agency (National Labor Relations Board, NLRB), in Brooklyn.

The attorney for ALU, Eric Milner, assured that the minimum number of signatures required among the employees of this warehouse in Staten Island, or 30%, has been reached. According to him, the NLRB has scheduled a hearing for November 15 to discuss the procedure, but by then the trading giant has an obligation to inform warehouse workers that the case has proven valid.

“We doubt that a sufficient number of legitimate employee signatures were obtained to justify an election,” a spokeswoman for Amazon, Kelly Nantel.

Dressed in red overalls and wearing the mask of the characters from the Netflix series “Casa de papel” on his head, Smalls, fired from Amazon A few months ago, he assured: “the world is looking at us (…) New York is a city of unions and we are going to show it.” Behind him was a cartoon of the group’s founder and former CEO, Jeff Bezos.

To win in a future vote, more than half of the warehouse employees New York will have to vote in favor of the creation of a union, which would be a first for Amazon in United States.

Last April, in a warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, despite the mobilization of activists and political figures from the state, the “no” won.

“If there is an election, we want the voice of our employees to be heard and we look forward to it. Our goal remains to listen directly to our employees and continually improve on their behalf,” said the spokesperson for Amazon.


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