Amancio Ortega wants to get rid of one of his megayachts

The founder of the Galician fashion multinational Inditex wants dispose of one of his megayachts. Amancio Ortega it owns two luxurious boats, one for crossings through local waters, the ‘Valoria B’, the best known in Galicia for its stays in the Ría de Aldán, barely an hour from its base port, Sanxenxo; and the ‘Drizzle’, moored to docks like those in Monaco from where it usually sets sail for Mediterranean destinations.

And the latter would be the megayacht that, according to the newspaper Expansión, the founder of Zara, has put up for sale. The starting price would be around 76 million, about 20 less than what he paid by him about a decade ago.

According to published information, a Majorcan company specialized in the luxury yachting sector has begun to survey the market in search of possible buyers of the ‘Drizzle’, a ship of 67 meters in length.

But neither the owner of Inditex nor his daughter, Marta Ortega, the main user of the ‘Drizzle’, will be left without a boat to sail the Mediterranean waters. Ortega already has in charge, through a company in Malta, an ultra-luxury yacht of 180 million , an information advanced by InfoLibre in September.

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The ‘Drizzle’ is 67 meters long and 11 wide. It can accommodate 10 people in its five cabins, two of them double with separate beds, another three singles and the master suite. The ship is equipped with a space for meals in the lower area and on deck, living rooms with luxury finishes and a movie screen. In addition, it includes a perfectly accommodated area for the crew that can be made up of 18 people.

The ship was built in 2012 and has considerable autonomy in relation to its weight: it can travel without refueling from Galicia to New York, where the nautical distance is less than 4,000 miles, it is the work of the Dutch shipyard Feadship. Both its interior and exterior design, in a classic style, were carried out by De Voogt, a traditional company of naval architects now associated with the shipyard.

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