Always more interventions for the Mobility Squad

The Mobility Squad intervened 29,500 times in Montreal in 2021 to reduce traffic obstructions, which is a marked increase compared to the previous year.

The Squad also submitted, in 2021, 6,470 statements of offense for obstacles to mobility in public space.

In 2020, it had carried out 22,400 interventions, and 6,780 in 2019.

According to the City, the increase in interventions is attributable to the fact that the Squad is now active every day of the week, and that it has more staff on the ground.

It was in 2018 that the Squad was set up by the Plante administration, with the aim of improving the fluidity of traffic in the streets of the metropolis, by intervening on the problematic obstacles which can have consequences on the movements of all users.

Thus in 2021, nearly 10,000 interventions concerned the accessibility of sidewalks and the safety of pedestrian corridors near construction sites. Officers also carried out 351 interventions around schools to ensure safe travel for young people.

The Squad also notes, in its latest report, the dismantling of more than 3,800 “unauthorized” obstacles, as well as nearly 12,600 interventions to remove elements obstructing the roadway.

For 2022, the Squad plans to integrate security around schools into an “extended strategy”, to intervene there more often. Inspectors will also target pedestrian corridors near construction sites, and will pay increased attention to truck traffic in areas where they are prohibited.

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