Alvaro Uribe dies; a generous of the lyrics is leaving

On the night of Wednesday, March 2, the death at 68 years of age of the Mexican storyteller, novelist, essayist, diplomat and editor was reported. Alvaro Uribewho was a prolific man of letters, winner of several of the most prestigious prizes for letters in our country and a man with extensive experience in cultural representation abroad.

The death of the writer was informed by the coordination of Culture of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), institution in which he graduated in Philosophy and for which he later collaborated as editor.

“A tireless writer and editor, Álvaro Uribe bequeathed us his passion for literature and his work as an essayist and narrator. He also gave us two emblematic collections of UNAM Books: ‘Relato Licenciado Vidriera’ and ‘Little Great Essays’. Our condolences to his family.”

Immediately, institutions and fellow writers mourned the loss of the author.

“I deeply regret the death of Álvaro Uribe, the most Borgesian of Mexican writers in the last century. An incomparable author who knew how to convey the taste of perfection in at least four of his novels. The paradoxes of time have no one to write them,” wrote Martín Solares after quoting a tweet from the Alfaguara publishing house to fire the writer who published the book “Los que no” there in 2021.

“I am sad, very sad for the death of Álvaro Uribe, a great writer. We talked a lot, long, about literature, about illness, about death”, said Rafael Pérez Gay.

Uribe was the author of works such as The Saint George Lottery (nineteen ninety five), Family self-portrait with dog (2014), the lantern of the dead (1988), You will die more than once (2011), the workshop of time (2003), File of the attack (2007) or I read Borges (2012), to mention a few of his prolific career. His works have been translated into English, French and German.

deserved the Antonina Artaud Narrative Award in 2003 by the workshop of timethe Elena Poniatowska Ibero-American Novel Award in 2008 for File of the attack and the Xavier Villaurrutia de Escritores Prize for Writers in 2014 for the singular novel Family self-portrait with dog.

In his work abroad, Alvaro Uribe he was cultural attaché at the Mexican embassy in France from 1977 to 1985, where he founded and edited the magazine Altaforteand from the Mexican embassy in Nicaragua a year later.

He was a member of National System of Art Creators from 1999 to 2005 and in his editorial work he helped develop projects such as the Memorias Mexicanas collections, Deadly Practice, Sello Bermejo, Torre Abolida and Vidas para Leerlas, for the now-defunct Conaculta. She collaborated with texts for various media such as “Artes de México”, “La Gaceta” of the Fondo de Cultura Económica, “Nexos” and “Vuelta”.

This same night, the writer and editor Socorro Venegas expressed:

“A friend has left, a wonderful storyteller and novelist, an exquisite editor. Thank you, dear Álvaro Uribe, for everything we learned from you. A very big hug to his life partner, Tedi López Mills”.

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