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The deputy of the Popular Party, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, rejects outright that his party reaches an agreement with the PSOE to renew the General Council of the Judiciary for being a “trading card” that it would not facilitate at all the renegeration of Justice and benefits Pedro Sánchez, who would be placed in the center of the political board.

“I do not renounce the banner of regeneration and depoliticization of Justice,” said Álvarez de Toledo, who has said that he has “a serious objection of principle and a serious objection of strategy “with this pact of PP and PSOE.

The PP deputy criticizes the negotiation of “a distribution of stickers” with “a government dedicated to the destruction of the constitutional order with attacks on the monarchy, with attempts to shut down Parliament and with attacks on the judges. ”

It also denounces that “We are not in a moment of democratic normality” because part of that Executive “is working to undermine the Constitution and cheer violence in the streets” as well as to break the democratic State and civil peace.

It is a mistake to agree on a distribution of stickers in the CGPJ “, has expressed his opinion in an interview on EsRadio in which he has made it clear that” I do not see the need “for an agreement like this.

For all these reasons, Álvarez de Toledo believes that this pact between PSOE and PP benefits Pedro Sánchez above all because “it ends up appearing as the man who is central, that he is able to agree with Podemos and agree with the PP “. “Sánchez is the real problem and the solvent of Spanish politics “, has opined.

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He also believes that it is good for Sánchez to have Pablo Iglesias in the Government “because each show he puts on brings more votes for him. “It is the useful borroka of Sánchez”, He has pointed out, to describe the leader of United We Can as a “donkey of Troy” and “the solvent of the consensus of 78” when 40 years have passed since the 23-F coup.

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