Lewis Hamilton has achieved the seventh victory of the season at the Qatar GP, the 102nd of his sporting career and has scored some important points through Max Verstappen, who after losing five places on the grid due to a penalty, finished second after a brilliant comeback. With two races to go before the tightest, most competitive and even championship ends, the difference between the two title contenders has been reduced from 14 to 8 points.

Everything is open. Hamilton, who has won the last two races, is ready to fight for the eighth title until the end and at the Losail circuit, which is the first time he has hosted a formula one grand prix, he has once again endorsed on the track that never gives up.

Huge Alonso

The battle for third place has been passionate between Czech Pérez, who has starred in a great comeback with a very aggressive attack race, Fernando Alonso, endorsing that at 40 years of age he has not lost an iota of his talent, and Valtteri Bottas, who after a bad start has recovered positions until he suffered a puncture for delaying the first pitstop too much and was out of play.

Alonso He has come out of this battle with flying colors, scoring his first podium since 2014, the 98th of his F1 racing career, and giving Alpine second of the season. With an enormous performance, the Spaniard achieved a result that seemed unthinkable upon arrival in Qatar and in which he laid his foundations with a great qualifying on Saturday and an excellent pace in the race.

Spectacular race of Fernando Alonso, who achieved the best position on the grid since he returned to Formula One. The fifth place in the ‘qualy’ was improved on the grid by penalties, starting third and placing second after beating Gasly at the exit. Lost position with Verstappen in the fifth lap, but the Asturian became one of the great contenders for the podium from the first moment and signed it at the end despite the desperate attack of Czech Pérez, who could not complete his comeback due to the appearance three laps from the end of a Virtual Safety Car due to a spectacular puncture of Latifi.

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Sanction for Verstappen

Theatrical hit on the grill. The controversy, after a placid Saturday, came just two hours before the start of the grand prize. The commissioners, after analyzing the images and listening to the protagonists, decided to sanction Verstappen and bottas for not slowing down with the yellow flags in Q3 after staying Gasly standing on the straight. Max received five positions on the grid and two points on the card for ignoring a double yellow, while Valtteri three places on the grid and one point on the license for ignoring a yellow flag.

If the atmosphere was heated, more fuel for the fire. Verstappen, who went from second to seventh, started on fire and after gaining three positions in the first lap, he already passed second in the fifth lap. Lewis Hamilton, which augured a placid career, suddenly saw how his main adversary was already placed in his wake. 4 seconds separated them and the pace of the first two was much higher than that of all their opponents.

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After their first pit stops the positions were held, with Hamilton leading the race with a slight advantage over Verstappen. From there, Mercedes has ‘copied’ Red Bull’s strategy, stopping just behind the rival in their two ‘pitstops’ and avoiding taking risks in a race they had under control. The fastest lap, which awards a point, has finally been

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Carlos Sainzmeanwhile, he lost two positions at the start and, drowned in traffic, had a difficult race. The Madrilenian finally finished eighth, just ahead of Charles Leclerc and without being able to overtake in the last bars of the race Lance Stroll, which has slowed down your pace.


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