The last trucks immobilized on René-Lévesque Boulevard left under the cheers of the demonstrators.

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The Quebec City Police Department had warned protesters that no more vehicles would be tolerated after 5 p.m. Those who did not leave would be subject to a fine, or even towing “in order to avoid the continuity of the offense”.

Thus, all left the scene peacefully shortly after 5 p.m., to the applause of the last demonstrators.

The organizers of the “Freedom Convoy” in Quebec, however, plan to return in two weeks to “give Legault time to back down” and make a “Woodstock” of freedom.

“We will leave at night, but we will come back […] in two weeks. You have 15 days to prepare […] and there will be many more of us”, launched Bernard “Rambo” Gauthier on Friday afternoon …

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