All this awaits us in 2022. Calendar of the main events of the new year

Since the covid upset everything, the forecasts for the celebration of large mass events have been in the air, as well as the celebration in face-to-face format of congresses and summits. But there are already some dates to mark on the calendar regardless of the evolution of the pandemic.


January. The government will register a bill in Congress against trafficking for sexual exploitation.

From January 1 the monthly payments to Social Security.

January 1st the Registration Tax goes up.

January 13-30. Men’s European Handball Championship.

January 30: legislative elections in Portugal.

January 31. Grammy awards.


February. Conference of regional presidents on the island of La Palma, to discuss, among other things, possible compensation for the damage to the Cumbre Vieja volcano

February 1 to 4. ISE in Barcelona (largest audiovisual fair in the world)

From February 3 to 13. BCNegra.

From February 4 to 20. Winter olympicsor in Beijing ..

February 12. Goya Awards.

February 28 to March 3. Mobile World Congress and 4YFN in Barcelona

February 28th. Proposals for Tax Reform of the expert committee.

February 28th. End of the current extension of the erte.


March 1st. The new Traffic Law

March. Launch of the NASA pilot mission that, if it works, will give way to the ‘Lunar Gateway’, the star project of the Moon.

March 27th. Oscar awards.


From April 4 to 7. Food in Fira de Barcelona

April 10 and 24. First round and second round of French presidential elections.

From April 22 to 24. Spring meeting of the IMF and the World Bank in Washington.


May 6-29. Tour of Italy.

From May 4 to 6. Annual Meeting of Circle of Economia.

May 10, 12 and 14. Eurovision Song Contest in Turin

From May 17 to 28. Cannes film festival.

May 22nd. Women’s Soccer Champions League FinalThe.

May 28- Men’s Soccer Champions League Final.

May 29. Euroleague Final of basketball ..


June (no specific date). Davos forum.

From June 2 to 12. Primavera Sound.

From June 16 to 18. Sónar Barcelona.

June, 15. Microsoft stops supporting Internet Explorer.

June 29 and 30. NATO Heads of State and Government Summit in Madrid


Second quarter of 2022. Approval of the spanish vaccine against covid developed by Hipra.

July 1 to 24. Tour of Francia.

July 15-24. Athletics world championship in Oregon.


August. Will land on the moon a Korean mission.

August 19 to September 11. Back to Spain.


End of September. ESA launch of the ‘Rosalind Franklin rover’ in the direction of Mars.


October 2nd: presidential elections in Brazil

From October 14 to 16. Annual meeting of the IMF and the World Bank in Marrakech


November 4 to 20. Handball Women’s European Championship.

7-18 November. Climate Summit (COP27) in Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt)

November 8. ANDLegislative lessons from the ‘midterm’ in the United States

From November 15 to 17. Smart City Expo World Congress. Barcelona

November 21 to December 18. Soccer World Cup in Qatar.


December aqueduct: Constitution day and La Purísima (December 6 and 8) fall on Tuesday and Thursday

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Dec. 18. Final of the soccer World Cup.

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