All the irregularities found in the public account will be clarified: AMLO

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador assured this Monday that the irregularities found by the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) in the Public Account 2020“they are going to clear up”.

Last Sunday, the ASF published the report on the results of the superior control of the Public Account 2020, in which it highlighted irregularities for an amount of 28.1 million pesos in the Youth Program Building the Future; an increase of up to 2 million pesos in the cost of some branches of the Welfare Bankamong other anomalies.

During his morning conference, the president assured that all the irregularities highlighted by the ASF in its report will be clarified, “as it always is, everything is audited and it begins to be clarified,” he said from the National Palace.

AMLO recalled that in the previous report it was ensured that canceling the NAIM it had cost 300,000 million pesos, “and they had to accept that 100,000 million were paid to contractors who already had commitments with the previous government,” he said.

López Obrador said that these data released by the ASF are only preliminary, but they are used by his opponents because they think that “it is the same, No! it no longer operates (…) in this government there are no thieves, to make it clear, ”he assured.

The president assured that there is no longer any corruption, “that is why we resist, because if we did not have moral authority we would not be able to advance, we would not be able to make any complaint to the mafia of power, nor to organized crime,” he said.

He said that the advances that have been achieved in his government have been because criminal association is not allowed, “that those of us who are here do not link ourselves to organized crime,” he said.

He insisted that it is for this reason that he asks the journalist Carlos Loret de Mola that allows him to publish the information that citizens sent him to know how much he earns, this in order to make public life transparent, he also said that journalist Jorge Ramos should do it.

When checking the 2020 Public Accountthe Audit detected a possible damage to the treasury for a total of 63,010 million pesos, of which 49,765 million pesos were detected during the third installment of this fiscal year.

The latest report shows that, of the 866 audits carried out in the third installment of the 2020 Public Account, a large number of possible irregularities are concentrated in the economic development category. In addition, possible damages were found amounting to 1,674 million pesos from the State production companies.

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