All teachers will receive training on the use of Catalan at school in 2022

  • The ‘minister’ Cambray admits that until now the Inspection did not supervise the fulfillment of the linguistic projects

  • It leaves in the hands of the centers how to manage the reinforcement teacher in the classrooms affected by 25%

The ‘minister’ of Education, Josep Gonzàlez-Cambray, this Friday gave details of the offensive announced by the Government in defense of the Catalan linguistic model. He has done so after admitting that “in the last 15 years things have not been done well in linguistic politic“and ensure that the Government will promote policies” different from those that have existed until now. “One of the axes of this policy will be the plan to promote the use of the Catalan language in schools. In this sense, it has advanced that” before from the end of 2022, the 120,000 teachers that is in Catalonia must have gone through a awareness training on the use of Catalan in their environment. “In this way, Educació seeks to reverse a problem detected in the classrooms: the decline in the use of Catalan, not only among students, but also among teachers.” It happens often that they change languages. We will accompany them and give them instruments “, he explained in an interview on Catalunya Ràdio.

In order to ensure that schools meet the language projects, from this friday inspectors The department will go to the centers to “ensure that these projects are applied in the classrooms,” pointed out Gonzàlez-Cambray, who has admitted that so far these inspections “they were not made.” He has ensured that these inspections will not have a punitive or supervisory nature, but will seek to accompany the management of the center and help them in the fulfillment of the project. “They will collect information and give advice to increase the use of Catalan,” he detailed. “It is not about controlling, but about accompanying, seducing, that the entire educational community becomes aware that Catalan is a matter of the country. It is about raising awareness,” he insisted.

Next January, in addition, they will be launched initially in 200 school centers the calls Catalan driving groups. They are groups made up of inspectors and teachers from each center who will analyze the reality of the center and plan actions to promote the use of Catalan in schools. The objective is that in four years, all the schools in Catalonia will have their own driving group.

The reinforcement teacher “will not stigmatize”

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The ‘conseller’ has also referred to the booster master that Educació will allocate to the centers affected by judgments of the TSJC on 25% of Castilian, as is the case of the Turó del Drac school in Canet de Mar. At the moment there are 35 classrooms. After the Christmas holidays, each of these classrooms, where 25% of classes are taught in Spanish, will have a backup teacher. Cambray has left in the hands of the centers how to manage this reinforcement, the role of this teacher.

“Each center will be organized, depending on the stage, it is not the same Infant, Primary or ESO, and the educational methodology to serve that class group so that the sentence has a minimal impact on that classroom,” he has indicated. He has assured that this measure “will not stigmatize” any student: “It will not happen safely. We will never separate any child on the grounds of language, origin, race. This is in the DNA of the Catalan school,” he said. “The reinforcement teacher supposes giving the schools an additional resource so that the sentences and precautionary measures have the least possible impact.”

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