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There are those who try to save sea lions and seals and I feel too sorry for the dismissed trainers. They make me quite sorry because they stay very lonely and their defense is one of my many lost causes. Everyone seems to agree that they are the worst, everyone points to them as maximum or sole culprits, everyone forms such a mob that there comes a time that it no longer matters what happens or what is said because it has been passed sentence. The fallen coach has no one to write to him or someone to protect him: he becomes the perfect repository for all the frustrations, traumas and neuroses of the most diverse clientele.

Hey, maybe someone deserves it, but in this I always work with the alarm set. People who sign up for a humiliation like signing up for a party. People who neither go nor come, but protest. People who passed by and joined to demand supposed debts.

Maybe Ronald Koeman did not get the desired results at Barcelona, ​​his team may not attack or defend and may not have qualified for the UEFA Cup, but at least he has never asked me about wasap things you could have easily Googled on your own.

Personal search engine

Why are these kinds of people so abundant in my life lately? I do not know. They want to know what time their team plays on Sunday and instead of looking for it they ask me. They want to know who trained Valencia before Marcelino Garcia Toral and instead of looking for it they ask me. They want to know who won a mountain stage in the Vuelta a España in 1987 and instead of looking for it they ask me. I have already given up and opt for resignation: I Google it, take a screenshot and send it as an answer, to see if they get the hint. But no, I have ended up assuming the role of personal search engine, that not even the billionaires who own Google have that service at their disposal, which is precisely why they founded Google.

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You will say what you want about Koeman, but he hasn’t done any of these to me.

Likewise, people – cretins often think that we are not ‘the people’ – meet for dinner in a restaurant and instead of looking for where the place is, they ask you about wasap because they consider that they have no time for anything. Maybe that’s why people hardly watch the games now, but then they add to the lethal pack in the verdicts. I would ask from here that to judge at least they see the matches, each and every one of them, live or repeated. If to do so they must sacrifice hours of sleep and see them at dawn, let them see them. If that’s why they perform less the next day at work and they end up being fired, let them see them the same. If to see them they must neglect their partner, children and the rest of the family, it does not matter. And if in the end they are left homeless and end up sleeping on the street, and some homeless man approaches them and brings up the subject of football and their team, at least they will talk about it with knowledge of the facts and not by hearsay. Nor is it so much, I say, the sacrifice required. It is what it touches and the only thing I ask for.

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