All against Trudeau

Justin Trudeau must have found the time long.

The Liberal leader never really found his rhythm after flying over the two French debates.

We realize that Mr. Trudeau has mainly taken advantage of the linguistic weakness of his opponents in the two previous games.

At the end of the debate in English last night, he must dream of a rematch to have the opportunity to recover.

One against all, but especially all against Trudeau, who had difficulty placing one, so much he was surrounded.

His opponents’ attacks on the flawed justification for these elections were just the appetizer.

The Liberal record of the past six years on reconciliation, the environment, public finances, sexual assault in the military, etc. has been the main course.

The two progressive candidates, the New Democrat, Jagmeet Singh, and the Green, Annamie Paul, have often hit the mark by raising the dashed hopes that six years of an ambitious Liberal government have generated.

Singh was challenged to stop the bleeding of his support for the Liberals in the final days, as a Tory government became more likely.

Annamie Paul had to show that she exists.

It’s done.

With four opponents on his back, Trudeau often looked very small in his shoes. Let’s say that the format did not allow us to get to the bottom of things. A good TV show, but not very informative.


Erin O’Toole took the opportunity to come to life and throw away his costume as Leader of the Opposition for good.

He seemed sensible and pragmatic even on the issues of the environment and reconciliation, despite his program suffering from shortcomings.

Viewers had before them at least two prime ministers on standby.

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