Alfa continues with the Value Unlocking strategy

The firm of the industrial sector, Alfa, continue with your strategy of Release of ValueOne of the main elements consists of the gradual transfer of personnel to its subsidiaries, with which its corporate workforce has been reduced so far this year by 14 percent.

They continue to advance their strategy of Release of Value, which is structured in three parts, a reduction in its leverage, improving the independence of each of its subsidiaries and focusing mainly on its core business.

Regarding the promotion of the independence of their businesses, they mentioned that the merger between Nemak and Controladora Nemak was one of the objectives completed for this item, which was effective on September 6.

The main objective of the company is to lower its debt level, so they continue to evaluate different strategies to continue with this transformation process, one of them is its project Evergreen, which was implemented by Alpek, identifying its material ESG risks, as it has the goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

In the conference with Analysts, Eduardo Escalante CFO (financial director for its acronym in English) of Alfa commented that this quarter exceeded their expectations, since in the case of their operating cash flow they observed a double-digit increase, 11%, amounting to 486 million dollars.

Its conglomerate is made up of Alpek, chemical manufacturer, Axtel, from the telecommunications sector, and Sigma, in charge of food processing and distribution.

On the income side, the industrial sector firm reported a growth of 30%, as they went from 3,057 to 3,976 million dollars.

In addition, its leverage ratio fell for the third consecutive quarter, but this time it decreased 2.5 times, the lowest since 2018.

The issuer ended this Thursday with an increase in its shares of 3.53%, reaching a level of 15.13 pesos per title in the Mexican stock exchange.

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