Alexia, a historical debt

He was 12 when he was told that his dream had to be postponed. Barça raised a Champions League in Paris that same year, but Alexia he couldn’t continue playing for the club of his life. We are not talking about so long ago, it was 2006 and the Barça structure could not offer him a team for his age. They told him to fly, to play for other clubs, to enjoy himself and to come back.

Six years later Xavi Llorens, the same one who had to say goodbye to him, welcomed him again. She was already 18 and although the section was far from being what it is today, it convinced her. Even, in what at that time could only be an act of faith, he predicted that the leagues would arrive first and later, the Champions League. So it was.

This took more than words. It was necessary for the club to make a real commitment to them, to give them resources, to take care of them, to make them professional and to invest in improving the team. First they reached a final to see it as spectators, the next they competed and won. “You nailed it,” he said Alexia a Xavi Llorens when they hugged in Gothenburg. What she couldn’t predict was that she would also become the best player in the world.

Paradigm shift

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That golden ball recognizes her as the best and places Barça as a world reference for all those girls who imagine themselves footballers. A recognition that pays off a historic debt with the Barça midfielders. Their quality, along with the team’s coral, despite having such decisive players as Hansen –Unexplained absence among the nominees–, Martens O Handsome, allows that justice that they would also have deserved can be done Xavi O Iniesta. A bit of the ball of Alexia it corresponds to them, as part of the same entity, of the same profession and of the same position.

Although, for once, she takes the spotlight. For once, they are in the background for a club that turns 122 years of history but also evolves and surrenders to a paradigm shift.

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