Alex Saab and Delcy Rodríguez, in Santiago Nieto’s file

Delcy Rodríguez walked relaxed and smiling through the corridors of the Moon Palace hotel in Cancun on the morning of June 19, 2017, the headquarters of the OAS assembly.

I saw her smiling. I asked her if she was prepared for the harsh resolution that was coming against her country. He smiled and looked at me with euphoric eyes, as if they wanted to tell me that I was totally wrong.

In Caracas, the telephone calls of President Nicolás Maduro to several Caribbean presidents generated positive expectations for the Chavista cause: the OAS and the Secretary of Foreign Relations Luis Videgaray did not achieve any mention in the final declaration of the Assembly of the Organization of American States about the crisis in Venezuela.

It was the time of Venezuela’s oil abundance. This is how Maduro bought the votes necessary to blow up the Videgaray resolution.

Mexico had prepared a statement condemning political prisoners, the cessation of violence and the failure to establish the Constituent Assembly as planned by Maduro to “patch” the legitimate opposition-controlled National Assembly.

Victorious, then-Chancellor Delcy Rodríguez announced to all the foreign ministers who were in the Moon Palace convention center that she would resign from her post to become president of the Constituent Assembly. Videgaray, who chaired the session with Luis Almagro, dedicated a: “May it go well”, accompanied with a sarcastic smile.

Delcy is Jorge’s sister, recognized in Venezuela for being one of Nicolás Maduro’s bloodthirsty minds; He was vice president and currently heads or headed the negotiation delegation with the opposition in Mexico City.

Delcy Rodríguez’s husband, Tussef Smaill Abou Nassif, is one of the shareholders of the company Millon Rise Industries Limited, which together with Alex Saab, Group Grand Limited, were registered in Hong Kong. Both companies bought low-quality food in Mexico to distribute in Venezuela.

Santiago Nieto, head of the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of Finance, inherited the case file of the sale of food from Mexican companies through the companies of Alex Saab and Delcy Rodríguez’s husband, among others, both characters from extreme confidence of Nicolás Maduro.

On October 18, 2018, just 40 days after the change of government, the deputy attorney Alfonso Israel Lira Salas announced the closing of the case of the food sold to Venezuela. What led Peña Nieto to close the case?

Santiago Nieto described the act as “illegal”, in an interview with the journalist Gerardo Reyes, author of the book Alex Saab, the truth about the businessman who became a billionaire in the shadow of Nicolás Maduro (Planeta publishing house).

Regarding the filing of the case, Santiago Nieto commented: “The truth is that I was not surprised because I have been able to detect high corruption networks in various areas of the Peña Nieto government.”

Nieto detects $ 156 million irregular in operations. “If the crime was money laundering for selling poor quality merchandise at a premium to Venezuela, the sanction cannot be the repetition of the same conduct. And here they approved to send 300 containers to Venezuela again. “

The head of the FIU decided to freeze 217 bank accounts of 19 people who had participated in the sale of low-quality food to Venezuela and reported several officials to the Attorney General’s Office.

For what reason has the prosecutor Alejandro Gertz Manero not responded to Santiago Nieto’s request?

Saab is already in jail, Delcy, smile.


Fausto Pretelin Muñoz de Cote

Consultant, academic, editor

Globali … what?

He was a research professor in the Department of International Studies at ITAM, published the book Referendum Twitter and was editor and contributor to various newspapers such as 24 Horas, El Universal, Milenio. He has published in magazines such as Foreign Affairs, Le Monde Diplomatique, Life & Style, Chilango and Revuelta. He is currently an editor and columnist for El Economista.

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