Alejandro Sanz speaks in ‘El Hormiguero’ about his parties with Ayuso and Almeida: “Many people pass by my house”

Alejandro Sanz visited ‘El Hormiguero’ last night to present his latest album, ‘Sanz’. The singer explained what this new job means for him: “Since I was a child, I have been dreaming of being Sanz. Within are the 30 years that I have been trying to be the artist that I am.”

In addition to talking about the album, Pablo Motos asked the artist curiosities, such as the parties that he gives at his house and in which I had heard that had invited Isabel Díaz Ayuso and José Luis Martínez Almeida. “A lot of people pass by at my house,” Sanz confessed with a laugh, explaining to himself: “Many people come and the only condition is that they do not talk about politics, it is a smoke-free condition”.

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Apart from this anecdote, the presenter wanted to know if what they say is true that you have to pay for the maintenance of the stars of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where Sanz has one. He answered affirmatively: “Yes, some pay more than others, I think Donald Trump has to put security because they ‘vandalize’ it every night. “

In addition, the guest has spoken about the edition of the Monopoly game in which he stars. The famous game features his image. He acknowledged that he had already played at home with his children and that he cheated on them: “I skipped a box and at night I had a terrible time.”

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