Although his books, bonds of bondage and good feelings, his very luminosity to the writer Alejandro Palomas is the intuition of an occult dollar, or not, as it is often revealed. All of this is due to the importance of the readers who read that between the lines they think that the author is writing a secret. Now he’s in the public eye, he’s the best he has ever been in the press: when he was 8 years old, a man from the Sali de Premià de Mar practiced on two occasions and on a dance the violin in the nursery where the religion the day was added to the bed “to avoid having to worry about it” because the bitch was born in an ojo. Through the grenade of mano launched, the author, was agitated by all the show of solidarity received but also satisfied to have received a direct award from Pedro Sánchez.

Is this repercussion imagined?

This is especially true for those who do. Will not seek a personal revenge against the aggressor who is over 90 years old. Tampoco is personal algo. Yo estoy recuperado & mldr; (ironic ríe), good, recovered & mldr; can you say that you have a life. Appearances and disappearances per the perpetual dynamic perpetrators.

But if they are, if they are publicly denounced, there is a possibility that their dynamics will be transformed. What did he say to the president?

Él -o su jefe de gabinete- vio mi tuit y me ha llamado de buena mañana. Yo todavía estaba en la cama. I was affected by the impact that I had on the news and I was embarrassed by the letter of the policy, so that I was not interested. It is said that what is necessary is that my story is told and there is a quote for us to be heard every week.

At the moment, a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the abuses of members of the Catholic Church is being proposed, cases in which it can be filed.

Hasta ayer, in this committee established Esquerra, Bildu y Podemos, but in the conversation Sanchez announced that the socialists also integrate. If anything. Yo he sido un poquito ‘puta’ al plantearle que si hay 300.000 personas han han sido abusados ​​de niños y nadie les ha dado la oportunidad de escucharlos o darles voz, tienes a 300.00 personas que no te van a votan. Vamos, que tienes que escuchar a la gente no a tu jefe de gabinete. If my statements are voiced to have a ray of hope.

The denunciation now but usted ya había dated caer in interviews that tuva a child difficile.

In interviews and presentations. A TED charla at the University of Leon has 1,200 people detailing the abuse. Nadie me preguntó.

Quizá hay mucha gente a la que incomoda oír eso.

It’s like the people who love animals but do not know that mates exist. We do not want to see it as our duel.

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What at the moment?

Because my mother mourns, my father also. The hicieron with ocher slides of difference. She was undergoing a revision of her skin cancer due to the pandemic. My father had leukemia.

Have you ever lived in the same public haberdashery?

Yo creo que no. The account in the case and the case was to be discussed in the college where they said that he was a soluentarian and that he did not want to take over. “We talk to the German and we will solve it, but we will do it with discretion & rdquor ;, they say.

Es decir, lo taparon.

I’m tired of ‘discretion’ and I do not understand it, I do not know exactly what it is. Solo había leido in los comics de joyas literarias watello de “fuego a discreción”. For the sake of discretion, let’s do what works: let’s not get bogged down in the topic.

For his mother, as he is counted in his books, he is the most important person of his lives. Do you feel guilty?

She creates that she does not know everything she needs to do, but she will not be able to finish it. Hablar de aquello fue el unico tabú que hubo entre nosotros. When the theme of the abuses of the Maristas appears on TV, she immediately changes channels.

The aggression and the violent speech and how they were related are terrible. Duele oírlas. What happened in his interior when he was walking?

The night of the violaction is located in the bed of one of their colonies of holiday vacations. Junto a mi había un gran ventanal. Between visits that hermano hizo de noche mientras yo staba immovilado solo pensaba en que favor llegara pronto el dai y todo watelf terminare. Mientras me violaba, miraba la ventana y pensaba in the absurd possibility of tirarme por ella pero podium. I also had the idea to ask my mother-in-law how to get rid of Mary Poppins and escape from the problems.

Mary Poppins’s is a recurring image in her literature.

‘Un hijo’ que fue premio Nacional de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil tenía que haberse llamado ‘El niño que quería ser Mary Poppins’, que es como se tradujo al france, pero a nadie se le ocurrió preguntarme de donde salia aquella.

The degree of solitude and abandonment when one suffers a lower level in childhood is enormous.

Es verdad, pero hay algo más. The terrible thing is the abandonment of your aggressor, in that you trust because you are a vulnerable and well-established person that you have to protect, you have to be violent and the earth will open up to you. No teen has enough because he is confident and can look for help because he is the one who has the proportion. It is the paradigm of habitual maltreatment, so if it succeeds in repeating in adult relationships, as has been the case with me. The child abuse is a factory of victims for the adult abuse.

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Además is a person in whom he is a true God, a religious man.

I think this was a curiosity in 1975 when Franco was still alive. When my aggression hurts me, he says: “Do you think I can do it? A phrase that you can put in neon lights in the door of my house.

I know very well how to make a transfer of guilt sentiment.

I had a lot of questions and it was so complicated. While suing the aggression only ten sensations of anguish, disorientation, then including physical but not super ordinarily mentally. To send this phrase I would like to say that you are responsible, that you are the one who finds the solution so that he does not act. Me ahogaba en aguas turbias.

Always defined as a solitary child.

Yo era un niño muy afeminado, cuando era muy pequeño parecía una niña. I do not play football, I do not associate with the kids and I reclaim for learning. Tenia has many numbers for the German to play in me. Make sure the one is not missing.

It’s important to verbalize these situations that have the moment not tenanan palabras. A James Rhodes le ayudó escribirlas. Is everything still a book?

No lo sé. I have other projects, although I’m sure my agent has a lot of suggestions for what he does. But in the bottom line is that these things need to be more than the emotion that the intellect, which has many defenses. I do not currently register as the most active member of this group yet. He agreed that Pedro Sánchez called me.

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What does the president of the Episcopal Confederation say that the Church should investigate all cases but not accept an independent commission?

This is very well reflected in the paper of the Church. It’s sad but not surprising. La Iglesia debería has an active and non-reactive paper, quizá porque todavía has much to spare. It is not possible to state that all the commitments made by the sacred parties do not fall within the competence of the State. I have not been told that this type of delicto is directed at the Vatican because I have no connection with the Vatican. I’m a ciudadano, no un fiel, y mis derechos civiles son los que son. Los curas deben responder ante la ley. Y la ley es nuestra y no de la Iglesia.

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