Alejandro Moreno, national president of the PRI, proposes to modify the Firearms Law

The national president of the PRI, Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, announced the presentation before the Union Congress of a package of legal reforms to facilitate access to weapons for citizens so that they can defend themselves against organized crime, and that the military, marines and members of the National Guard can carry their weapons while also being open for their defense.

One of the proposals, he advanced, consists of modifying the Firearms Law so that Mexican families can “more easily access the highest-caliber weapons, so that they can protect their homes, their businesses, their lives.

“People are defenseless, they come to homes, businesses and murder women, men, Mexicans who cannot defend themselves because there is no proper control and registration so that they can have that disposition.

“It is about that in the absence of the State and that there is no State to take care of Mexicans, criminals know that people are going to be able to defend themselves. The status of unpunished predators that have Mexican families in distress in hundreds of cities has to end,” he affirmed.

The party leader acknowledged that it is a controversial proposal, but said that in extraordinary situations such as the one experienced in Mexicoalso extraordinary solutions are required.

“What do we do? Do we stand idly by? We have to do something… so that Mexicans can defend themselves because they are being assassinated. Do we let them kill all Mexicans? It is a serious and responsible proposal. Citizens cannot defend themselves. Enough is enough! ”, He responded to questions about whether his proposal would not aggravate the issue of violence in Mexico.

The other proposal provides, he said, that from a certain degree the members of the armed forces, the National Guard, the Army, the Air Force and the Navy can take their weapons to their homes and when they are clear they can also defend themselves and tackle organized crime.

“Why? We know that in many soldiers there is a Mexican willing to give his life for his country and its people. We know that many soldiers are kidnapped, killed in their spare time. They wait, follow and capture them for doing their job. So we want them to be permanently armed as is the case in most of the armed forces and police in the world. To take care of them and that they can take care of us,” he explained.

Moreno Cardenas He did not specify when the aforementioned proposals will be formally presented to the federal Legislative branch.

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