Alberto Rodríguez, in his interview with Gonzo: “In Congress there are people who have not worked in their lives”

Gonzo will chat this Sunday with Alberto Rodriguez in a new installment of ‘Saved’. The former deputy of United we can will grant an interview to the laSexta program after losing his act as a deputy and announcing his departure from the purple party. The canary was convicted as the author of a crime against agents of the authority for an incident that occurred in La Laguna (Tenerife) seven years ago.

Atresmedia has shown this Wednesday a preview of the Sunday program, which can be seen from 9:30 p.m. According to the judgment of the Supreme Court, Rodríguez kicked a policeman, something about which he has a different version: “I think they are not wrong, I think they did what they wanted to do. If there was any graphic evidence, I would have seen it the whole country”.

The former Podemos deputy acknowledges that, at first, he thought that “they were going to have to do a good deal” to convict him. As for the political repercussions, he explains how he found out that his deputy certificate had been withdrawn: “Meritxell Batet called me directly. I told him I was doing the dirty work of what others did not dare to do”.

During the interview, he assures that neither Pedro Sanchez, ni Irene Montero ni Alberto Garzon contacted him. Instead, he did receive a call from Yolanda Díaz.

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‘Salvados’ recalls that Alberto Rodríguez has returned to his old life. “Is it stranger for a deputy to return to his previous job or for a refinery worker to end up as a deputy,” Gonzo asks the interviewee, who acknowledges that “both things are strange”. In addition, he takes advantage of the fact that he now has more free time to recommend a series and throw a dart: “Well, look, ‘Anti-riot’ is good, although it falls a little short”.

About what surprised him the most when entering the high spheres of politics, Alberto is clear: “There are people there who have not worked in their lives, but there are others who kill themselves to work”. In addition, he assures that there is a lot of classism in Congress: “With the knife. There is a person who sometimes, in certain solemn sessions when the president is there, moves the chair.

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