Alberto Núñez Feijóo points to the Senate and will reinforce the leadership of the PP in the coming weeks

Alberto Nunez feijoo He was aware that both his leadership and the renewal of the PP were going to go through phases and, this past Friday, he completed another relevant one: he resigned from his position at the Xunta de Galicia to be able to settle in Madrid permanently. He is now acting regional president but, in two weeks, Alfonso Rueda The new head of the Executive of that community will be sworn in and he will be able to devote himself full time to the party.

From then on, Feijóo will look for a platform in the capital from which to oppose Pedro Sánchez. The only way he can have to have a face to face with the President of the Government is the Senate is to get a seat if the Parliament of Galicia appoints him regional senator. Y it will achieve it without problems, since the PP has an absolute majority in that autonomy. To occupy a seat in Congress, on the other hand, he will have to wait for the next general elections, in which he aspires to obtain one directly in the blue benchthat of the Executive.

Arrival of regional senators

Control sessions of the Government in the Senate will thus have a unknown relevance this legislature due to the dialectical exchanges that will be seen between the chief executive and the leader of the opposition and also because, according to sources from the PP leadership, Miguel Tellado, one of his most trusted people in recent years, will sit in that Chamber. years in Galicia and Territorial Deputy Secretary for Training, and Elías Bendodo, counselor at the Andalusian Government and general coordinator of the PP. Both will also hold seats as senators appointed by their parliaments. In the case of Bendodo, we will wait for the elections Andalusian regional elections, on June 19, where a complicated campaign awaits the popular ones as they have to deal with the belligerent Macarena Olona as a Vox candidate.

The head of the popular party has the positions of Communication and Studies and Programs vacant, and has deleted the word ‘treasurer’ from the organization chart

Without the backpack of the Xunta on his back, Feijóo will take advantage of these next few days to hold meetings in his office in Genoa with his team and decide which people will occupy the area secretaries, which support the deputy secretaries (Territorial, Institutional, Economy… ), and also refine if you need any more deputy secretary, as you suspect.

Direction ‘in progress’

The weekend of the congress in Seville already made it clear that its leadership was going to undergo “adjustments” in the short term. Two traditional portfolios, which the PP has maintained in almost all its directions, are still empty: Communication and Studies and Programs. According to sources from Feijóo’s team, the forecast of the leader is that these appointments arrive at the end of May or beginning of June, before the Andalusian elections.

In that dome, Esteban González Pons, the MEP and deputy secretary of Institutional, is gaining more and more power. It is being seen that he is the trusted man to handle the most delicate matters that Feijóo must resolve, such as the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), expired for more than three years, and also the information on the ‘Catalangate‘. Pons has been the person to whom the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, has advanced some information that has been known these days through the media, such as that the National Intelligence Center (CNI) used the espionage program Pegasus always with judicial control and that the communications specifically of 18 leaders of Tsunami Democràtic were intervened.

González Pons stands as the president’s trusted man: he will negotiate the CGPJ and receive information about the ‘Catalangate’

Meeting with the spokespersons of the commissions

The Vice-Secretary for Institutions brought together the spokespersons for the Interior and Defense Committees of the Senate and Congress to address with them this delicate issue that has the Sánchez government in parliamentary weakness due to ERC’s anger at the lack of explanations.

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The Executive hopes that the next call for the committee on reserved expenses, in which the director of the CNI, Paz Esteban, calm the spirits of the sovereignist parties. Robles insinuated last Wednesday at the parliamentary headquarters that information would be provided that will put the pro-independence leaders in trouble and lead them to leave their complaints about the government’s actions.

Navarro’s recovery

And it has gone unnoticed, but Feijóo has decided to delete the name of “treasurer & rdquor; of the organization chart of his party, to ward off the evils unleashed by the most famous, Luis Bárcenas, and now his treasurer is officially “Finance Director & rdquor ;: Carmen Navarro. The chosen one was already treasurer of the PP, but Pablo Married he relieved her when she was prosecuted for the destruction of Bárcenas’s computers. She was finally acquitted and now Feijóo recovers her for the same position, although with another name.

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