Alberto Núñez Feijóo discreetly forges the new leadership of the PP

“In 13 years the name of any councilor of the Xunta de Galicia has never been leaked”, boasts one of the collaborators who Alberto Nunez Feijoo he will take to Madrid for his new stage as president of the PP. “Get used to it: if Feijóo has 10 days to make a decision, he will exhaust the 10 days,” says a former member of the management of Mariano Rajoy who dealt with it in the past decade. The Galician leader (Ourense, 60 years) will end next week crowned as leader of the popular in the congress to be held in Seville and on Friday and Saturday. There he has to introduce his new team: a list with 35 names for him national Executive Committee, among which it must include by statute its general secretary, and another of 30 people for the board of directors (the highest body between congresses).

At the congress or days later, if you wish, you will specify your steering committee, for which he could recruit other people who are not included in those two groups to be his deputy secretaries. A chain of decisions that has the entire party in suspense. “Nobody knows anything. And if he had called me, I wouldn’t tell you. It is so hermetic that I am sure that he would take it fatally if it was known before he said it, “says a deputy with stripes in the party.

Several regional barons consulted by EL PERIÓDICO, consider that Feijóo, after the shock he suffered this February with the fall of Pablo Casado, should “sew” and “pacify” the PP. “This time this congress does have to be one of unity,” says one of the regional leaders, referring to the fact that Casado did not include anyone from the hard core of Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría’s team, with whom he faced in the final vote. Of the 35 names of the national executive committee, the former vice president only considered five as “her own” (Cuca Gamarra, Carlos Iturgaiz, Mari White Sea, Sergio Ramos and Miguel Barrachina).

Báñez, the general secretary of Santamaría

The main collaborators of Sáenz de Santamaría remained outside that dome: Jose Luis Ayllon, Inigo de la Serna and Fatima Banez. Things in life, Báñez, who would have been the general secretary of the former vice president, now also sounds for that position. She is one of the few names that are repeated naturally these days in the ranks of the PP. The former Minister of Labor is currently president of the CEOE Foundation.

The popular meet in Seville next Friday for a congress that several barons ask that “this time it be unity”

With this background and the subsequent lamination of the sorayistas in the territories and in the congressional and senate groups, an operation performed Teodoro Garcia Egeaseveral barons consider that this “unity” that they ask of Feijóo should be seen in its executive committee, where it is usual to have representatives from all the territories, and, above all, in the steering committee (general secretary and deputy secretaries). “I have no doubt that this will be the case,” says one of the territorial leaders who supported the Galician politician to accelerate the change of cycle.

This baron fears that, as in that operation to unhorse Casado, Isabel Díaz Ayuso had a leading role, Feijóo will feel doubly indebted to her and will pamper her with several representatives of the Madrid PP at the top. In Puerta del Sol, they do not want to reveal details and only repeat that they hope that a “national board of directors will set a date for the internal congress” of the formation as soon as possible, the origin of the war between the Madrid president and Casado. According to his calculations, it will be, at the latest, in June.

The final goodbye of Casado

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In Seville, the still president of the PP will deliver his farewell speech to the party, as he wanted. It will be time to find out what he has decided to do with his deputy act, whether or not he will continue in his seat. These weeks of transition, after having said goodbye to Congress on February 23, once he had already decided to make way for Feijóo, he has kept a very low profile.

Casado will have been at the head of the PP for 1,350 days, the second leader of the PP with the shortest mandate after Antonio Hernandez Mancha (712).

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