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Starting on Christmas Eve, places like the ENMAX Center, which have capacity for more than 1,000 people, will have to limit it to 50 percent. That restriction also led to the cancellation of Dierks Bentley’s January concert.

“It’s very disappointing, that was especially disappointing,” said Kim Gallucci, general manager of the ENMAX Center. “It was a great show, but we understand it, however the tours cannot operate at 50 percent capacity.”

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Gallucci said the added health measure of not allowing food or drinks to be served in those places is a huge financial hit.

“Food and beverages are one of our main sources of income for all events, concerts, hockey games, you name it. It is one of the main “.

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Gallucci said it is a waste of income and hours for staff, as ENMAX employs approximately 80 to 110 people in that department alone.

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The Lethbridge hurricanes will also limit ticket sales. After accounting for season ticket holders, there will be just over 500 tickets available for each game.

“Especially after last year and playing without fans in the building, this has been quite an enjoyable change for them, so obviously it affects the atmosphere,” said Terry Huisman, general manager of business operations for Hurricanes.

For more information on capacity limits and how that might affect an upcoming event that you have tickets for, you can visit the ENMAX Center website.

Companies that follow the Restrictions Exemption Program, such as bars and restaurants, must limit tables to 10 people, without mixing between groups. Alcohol service must end at 11 pm

Vicky Vanden Hoek owns Honkers Pub & Eatery and said cancellations for holiday gatherings have begun.

“The phones were ringing again and we have already canceled a couple of events and will postpone our karaoke which is Thursday night.”

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Vanden Hoek added that she is grateful to be open, but is concerned about her staff, who could see fewer hours if cancellations continue and the establishment has to limit its hours due to a slowdown in customers.

Prime Minister Jason Kenney announced the new restrictions Tuesday afternoon amid a surge in COVID-19 cases, fueled by the worrying variant of Omicron.

“More must be done urgently to protect our healthcare system from the potential threat from Omicron,” Kenney said Tuesday.

Click to play video: 'Minister Copping Details New COVID-19 Restrictions to Combat Omicron Variant'

Minister Copping Details New COVID-19 Restrictions To Fight Omicron Variant

Minister Copping Details New COVID-19 Restrictions To Fight Omicron Variant

Alberta reported 1,346 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, a daily number not seen in the province since early October.

The province also reported a total of 2,131 cases of Omicron variants, an increase of 522 from the previous day.

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