Albertans will have access to an internationally recognized QR code by the end of November

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Albertans can expect to have access to a nationally standardized vaccination test QR code by the end of November, according to Alberta Health.

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Amanda Krumins, deputy director of communications for Alberta Health, said they are working closely with the federal government to create the QR code that will be recognized internationally and facilitate international travel.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced at a press conference Thursday that all provinces and territories agreed to go ahead with the standardized vaccination test.

According to Ottawa, provinces and territories will adapt their own vaccine passports to have the same look, feel, and security measures per international standard. The word “Canada” will be visible in the upper corner.

Krumins said that although it will be a national QR code, all information will remain in the province.

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“The provinces will keep the records of their respective residents,” Krumins told Postmedia in an email. “Data for Albertans will not be shared with the federal government or other provincial governments.”

For now, Albertans can continue to use their existing QR codes for travel until the new one is available next month, Krumins said.

While Alberta works to create a QR code that complies with federal standards, the QR code systems introduced by Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, and Yukon are currently up to the standard. new standards.

Krumins said Alberta Health will update Albertans on the process to obtain their standardized proof of vaccination for international travel in the near future.

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