Alberta driver’s license and ID card renewals to be available online Tuesday

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Albertans will now be able to renew their driver’s license or identification card from the comfort of their own home.

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Service Alberta Minister Nate Glubish announced on Monday afternoon that online renewals would be available to Albertans on Tuesday.

“This is big news for Albertans, I’ve heard from so many of them who’ve been asking for the ability to renew their driver’s licenses and ID cards online,” Glubish said.

Glubish said an online birth registry and vehicle registration renewal is already available online and since June 2020, 350,000 online registry transactions have been made.

I have added nearly 550,000 Albertans renewed their driver’s license in 2021 and more than 27,000 renewed their ID card.

“Albertans will have yet another choice, with more convenience, to renew their licenses on their phone or computer, whatever time it is, wherever they are and have their new card arrive directly at their house just days later,” said Glubish.

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Glubish was joined by Derek MacMillan, vice-president of the Association of Alberta Registry Agents and Joel Ruff, COO of the Alberta Motor Association for Monday’s announcement.

The license and ID card renewals can be made online through MyAlberta eServices with a verified account. Glubish added those without a current account can register for free. The user will select a service and then select the registry it would like to use to complete the renewal.

Albertans who need to make changes to any demographic information, have a photo or signature on the card that is more than 10 years old or are getting their first card must still go in person to a registry.

Glubish said Albertans can hold onto and use their old ID card with a downloaded temporary ID until their new one arrives. The old card must be disposed of because Glubish said it is still an offense to be in possession of more than one ID card.

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