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The Alberta government is proposing to rename a Calgary constituency to honor former progressive conservative cabinet minister Manmeet Bhullar.

A bill introduced in the chamber would expand the constituency name from Calgary-McCall to Calgary-Bhullar-McCall.

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Alberta PC MLA Manmeet Bhullar dies in road accident

Bhullar was a member of the legislature from 2008 to 2015, when he died after being struck by a vehicle while helping another driver on the road between Edmonton and Calgary.

He served on various cabinet portfolios and the McCall constituency is also where the Manmeet Singh Bhullar School is located.

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The bill proposes to retain the McCall name, which honors the contributions of World War I veteran Frederick McCall.

Government House leader Jason Nixon says the name change is one more way to acknowledge Bhullar’s legacy.

“It is a privilege for us to honor Manmeet, who touched so many lives with his passion and commitment to advocate for the vulnerable and empowering people of Alberta,” Nixon said in a statement Tuesday.

“He was a dedicated public servant and gave his life helping someone in need. Alberta lost a great man with his passing, but we will never forget the legacy he left. “

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Manmeet Singh Bhullar Park, a lasting legacy for a dedicated politician

Alberta has honored other politicians by including their names on constituency titles, including former Prime Ministers Peter Lougheed, Ralph Klein and Ernest Manning, former NDP Leader Grant Notley and former Liberal Leader Laurence Decore.

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