Albares vindicates the “success” of the evacuation of Afghanistan by decorating its participants

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation, Jose Manuel Albares, has claimed this Tuesday that the evacuation operation from Afghanistan of the Spaniards and Afghan collaborators carried out by the Government was a “success” mainly due to the “exemplary collaboration” between his department and the Ministry of Defense.

Albares has decorated 23 employees of the Embassy and Ministry personnel who were directly involved in the operation that allowed the evacuation of more than 2,000 Afghan collaborators and their families after the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan on August 15.

The minister has expressed his “pride” for the work carried out by all the personnel of the Ministry which allowed that the operation was “a success, which is a country success”. “We were among the last to leave,” he insisted, highlighting the work carried out by both the Embassy staff and the central services to evacuate the maximum number of people. For all this, he has considered that his decoration is fair and will also allow the Spanish to put “face” on them.

With the evacuation, Spain proved that it is “a reliable partner and faithful to its commitments with its allies. “” In difficult times we know how to rise to the occasion, we never turn our backs, “he wielded.

The minister has also used the event to pay tribute to the deputy inspector of the National Police Jorge Garcia Tudela and the police Gabino sanmartin, killed in the attack against the Embassy in Kabul in 2015, as well as all the Spanish people who lost their lives during the last two decades.

“Our challenge is that what they achieved is not a parenthesis in the lives of Afghans and Afghans,” he said, ensuring that the Government will maintain “pressure” on the Taliban so that this does not happen and will also continue to do everything possible. to remove the Afghan collaborators who are still in the country.

Albares, who was accompanied on the spot by the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has valued that without the collaboration with the military and its department it would not have been possible to reach the “magnitude” of 2,000 evacuees. This collaboration continues, he assured, with the firm objective of “leaving no one behind.”

On behalf of the winners, the ambassador in Kabul, Gabriel Ferran, has taken the floor, and Albares has been particularly grateful for agreeing to stay despite the fact that his replacement had already been appointed on August 3.

Ferrán has taken his chest out of the work that the Spanish Foreign Service carries out on a daily basis around the world and which is not always recognized. If the evacuation was a success, he stressed it was because all those involved gave “the best of themselves” and because there was “a collective endeavor in which everyone more than fulfilled the work that was entrusted to them.”

The decorated ones

The ambassador has been decorated with the Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit, while the second of the Embassy, ​​Paula Sánchez, has received the Commendation of Number of the Order of Civil Merit, as well as the general director of Consular Affairs, Juan Duarte Cuadrado. Koussay Boulaich Ahmed and Antonio Guillén Hidalgo have also received this recognition.

They have also been decorated in the same way Ahmad Baloch and Said Ahmad Wahdat Ahmadzada, Afghan translators from the Embassy who helped in the operation that was installed in Torrejón to receive the evacuees, as well as Sayed Saber Sayeed.

The latter, an Embassy employee, chose to stay until the end instead of being evacuated to help in the operation. For this reason, Albares has announced that he will ask the Council of Ministers to grant him Spanish nationality by letter of nature for his “extraordinary service to Spain.”

For her part, Isabel García Fernández-Llamares has received the Order of the Isabel la Católica Order, while Susana Madarnás Piñeiro He has received the Official Cross of this same order.

With the Official Cross of the Order of Civil Merit The following have been recognized: Manuel González Garagorri, Jaime Moreno Bau and Francisco Javier Muñoz Treceño; while Guillermo Samuel Begué Moratalla, Pablo Benítez Jiménez-Ugarte, Javier Carracedo Vicente, Cristina Conesa Sancho; Miguel Ángel by Diego Martín; Fernando Magallanes Mato, Teresa Hergueta Cholmeley, Eva María Jerez Vento, Carolina del Río Vílchez and Víctor Javier Torcal Sánchez.

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