Alarm in Gerb for the imminent detachment of a giant rock

The City Council of Those of Balaguer (Lleida) has asked the Diputación de Lleida for an “urgent” report in order to start the works and shore up a rock on the Espígol rock, located in the Decentralized Municipal Entity of Gerb, which has been showing signs of an imminent detachment for weeks. As explained by the mayor of the town of the Noguera region to Efe, Estefanía Rufach, there is currently a crack in the last 8 meters of the rock with a depth of 2 meters and a width of 20.

“It is a mass that is separating from the mother stone, which measures a total of 33 meters high, and that is the one that has given us the alarm signal”, explains Rufach.

It is not the first time that cleaning tasks and mesh placement have been carried out on the rock to prevent rockfalls, but, due to the alert that this crack could cause, a company in charge of the work placed some sensors to monitor movements.

“The surprise came when after 10 days they told us that there had been movement and that was when they realized that the crack had grown”, Add.

Finally, and in order to follow the process more closely, an alarm was placed so that the residents of the town could know when there were movements and, thus, avoid passing through the area.

two alarms

The current concern of the City Council arises from the fact that, this Christmas, the alarm has sounded twice, one on New Year’s Eve and another on Three Kings’ Day, a fact that has pushed it to request an emergency report from the Provincial Council.

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“If we don’t justify that it is an urgency, permission to carry out the works may take a few months and it is clear that we cannot wait that long,” Rufach stresses.

Now, with the Provincial Council’s report approved, the council meets tomorrow with the company in charge of the works to analyze the situation and the security plans and, thus, be able to act as soon as possible in placing a mesh that, in the event of fall, avoid big damage.

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