Alakran, the last armed war force from Spain to Ukraine

In one second it is displayed on the ground, and an orderly orients its height and inclination. In the first five minutes, you can have 16 grenades within 120 millimeters, and esas balas alcanzarán su objectiv con milésimas de error. According to Alakran, it is a transportable mortar of enormous precision, the ultimate weapon of war that the Spanish defense industry exported to Ukraine, just as it entered into force a very limited sale of military technology in that country.

In 2017, the Ukrainian court acquired the Spanish company NTGS (New Technologies Global Systems) has units of this piece of artillery. For the same reason, another Spanish company has sold a defense system to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. During the 2018 season, Kev will test the capabilities of the Alakran adaptable to the distinct types of blind and semi-blind vehicles, including some, and even older, 4×4 military vehicles from Russia. Fue entonces cuando pudieron confrobar que pueden desplier trucks or vurgones on a line of attack and bombardear objectives to nine kilometers of distance.

The contract was consolidated in 2018 by an amount that only exceeded the initial payment, in 2017, of 216,000 euros. The Ukrainian public defense defense Ukroboron Service developed the system from this purchase on Bars-8 vehicles, manufactured by the company Bogdan Motors, as a result of the merger of ancient Soviet plantation plants in Ukraine. Now the Ukrainian version of the Spanish army is receiving the UKR-MMS technical number.

Arsenal secreto

In September 2019, a year after the entry into force of severe bans on the part of the Government of Spain on the export of military equipment and double use in Ukraine – and published publications in press releases on confirmed Spanish design appropriations by the Ukrainian military-, The I Blind Brigade of the Fortress of Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry finally adopted the Spanish death in its arsenal.

In the tensions and escalations that brighten the life secret the number and location of units of this army of war of those who dispose of their armed forces.

The Ukrainian driver mounts the Alakran in a 4×4 large trailer, with 42 death balls. The army can be telematically directed from a quarter, adapting to the barrier of objectives that realizes the software of a computer installed in the same vehicle, or (and it is its greatest potential) to guide by the mirror of a drone that the signal objectives.

The Alakran attracts the interest of various armaments holidays during the sales that present, in addition to its height, speed of recovery and precision: can mount on the sole, with which the retrieval of the discharges of a tan artillery caliber great no acaba desmantelando the vehicle, and can be transported camouflaged by cargo or lonas in a large variety of vehicles.

Spanish engineers

Aside from the sale of Alakran, the Spanish defense industry did not want to sell more legally to Ukraine than ammunition for house scoops. In 2020, however, the Gobierno will issue licenses for the sale of software from an industrial organization center and the formula of a nickel alloy for dual-use (civil and military), which is compatible.

The death that Spain’s salary has the Ukrainian front has been updated with an additional capacity: es Capacity of saber counting hermanos also displayed on the ground and stand, to coordinate with them. Its inventor is called “situational conscience”.

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In the presentation of its web page, NTGS says that its main active is its human team. The company, with installations in the Sierra de Madrid and in Segovia, meets engineers specializing in armament systems, radar and triple platforms.

Alakran’s creative company now has the Donbass’s Russophile region is also dedicated to genetic researchis a participant in and chair of the Military and Space Industry Framework Everisa company that also owns Spanish capital.

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