Air traffic controllers consider calling a strike in the summer

Lyou air traffic controllers shuffle summon a general strike this summer. The lack of staffwhich in the case of The airport of Palm it is below what it was in 2019despite the recovery of traffic to levels even higher than that year, wear and tearr workloads and agreement negotiation collective are the reasons why at the end of June the decision will be made to go on a national strike.

Will be on an assembly in which the workers of the five Enaire control centers (Palma, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Gran Canaria) will be represented, and which will be held at the end of the month in Barcelona, when it is analyzed whether to finally go on strike, sources from the Union of Air Controllers (USCA), its majority union, indicated yesterday.

In the Barcelona assembly, the controllers will once again debate the same problems that they have been dragging on for a decade, which is why they are considering going on strike, confirms Susana Romero, USCA’s national spokesperson.

In addition to facing the negotiation of the collective agreement, the lack of staff is heating up the atmosphere, after the two years in which the reduction in traffic fell due to the pandemic are already a thing of the past.

In the case of the control center in Majorca and the tower the numbers don’t add up, with fewer workers than in 2019, when according to the evolution of traffic, the records prior to the health crisis have already skyrocketed, almost 10% according to April data, coinciding with Easter, according to data from Enaire, the air navigation manager . It was the largest increase nationwide. And in the first quarter, operations have already grown by 0.5%, which leads us to imagine what summer 2022 will be like on the island.

In the control tower, in charge of landings and takeoffs in Son Sant Joan, there are 53 controllers, when three years ago there were 55. in the control center (manages aircraft overflights and approaches) has been changed from 131 to 126 workersyes In total, this means 7 fewer controllers at the third airport with the highest traffic in the Aena network and where commercial traffic soars every high season and, as a result of the pandemic, that of private jets even more.

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According to Enaire, this summer in Mallorca there will be more controllers than in 2019, eleven in particular. However, USCA does not add up the figures. They allege that there are four in training who will replace four who are retiring, in addition to the fact that the staff is getting older and older. They denounce that a psychosocial study that Chiron made on behalf of Enaire in the five centerss revealed the critical situation of this group due to the wear professionals they face due to their deficient staff. The public company has done nothing to remedy it, beyond courses with techniques “type mindfulness“.

In December 2010, the controllers staged a strike that led to a long legal battle. They were accused of abandoning their jobs and the first state of alarm was decreed in Spain. Finally, the Justice ruled that such a situation did not occur and the closure of the airspace could not be attributed to them.

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