Mérida, Yuc.- Within the framework of the Tianguis Turístico de México that takes place in Mérida, the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marques, presented new routes and air frequencies within the region known as Mundo Maya that covers the southeast of the country and Central American countries.

“With the sum of the will of tour operators and airlines, a very important step is taken to reactivate the connectivity of the Mundo Maya. With Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico, today we are announcing new routes and frequencies from Cancun to Flores airport, which starts with 3 weekly flights, with the aim of having a daily flight ”, explained Torruco Marqués.

In a first stage, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday there will be the following flights: Guatemala City-Flores, Flores-Guatemala City; Guatemala City-San Pedro Sula (Honduras), and San Pedro Sula-Guatemala City.

While Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, they will fly from Flores to Cancun and from Cancun to Flores.

Secretary Torruco said that in this way the Mayan World of Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras will be connected, in what will only be an initial stage, he reiterated.

The official also revealed that the Tourism Secretariat It will invite Guatemala City to be part of the Pueblo Mágicos, one of the most successful programs of the Sectur, for which the twinning will be signed shortly.


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