AIFA traffic management control tower

The police will take the time to build the International Airport Felipe Ángeles (AIFA) as part of its so-called helicopter of the Secretariat of the National Defense (Sedena). The vigilance of the air and the strict coordination in tierra he allowed the 24th of January to register a physical advance of 88.24% and the generation of 145,222 employees, agreed with the last public date.

At the level of the decoy floor from the control tower, 89 meters, the second highest of the country, according to what is in the airport of Cancun.

From the inversion owned by all the air terminal no hay reference in and in the information of public finances of the quarter quarter of 2021, of the Secretariat of Hacienda and Crédito Público (SHCP), the project Construction of the European Airport Lucía (AISL) is registered with an amount of 84,956.1 million.

The Military General Leader and Leader of the Work, Gustavo Vallejo, referred to the fact that the finance that he has and is not reimbursed is 75,000 million pounds. This figure does not take into account the rehabilitation of military installations.

VivaAerobus and Volaris will be offering the ultra-low cost airlines that on March 21st will close commercial installations with flights to Cancun, Tijuana, Monterrey and Guadalajara. The tickets are on sale from the finals of 2021.

In addition, staff of the Navigation Area in the Air Area (Seneam), Dependents of the Infrastructure Secretariat, Communications and Transport (SICT), work from the first day of the installation of the control tower.

The air traffic controller, Ángel Vidal Castro, supervisor of the tower, states that everything is listed for the AIFA opening deadline and that at the moment it is possible to carry out between 15 and 90 military operations of various indoles.

“We are in control of the military airplanes and civilian planes that are flying over the area, from Pachuca to Atizapan and the valleys of Mexico. We are listed. Air traffic controllers are our administrative, management, air traffic and airport transportation intermediaries. Our work is to maintain orderly, safe and forwarding traffic, ”he explained.

From its location at AIFA, there are 4,500 meters of civilian pistes and a military of 3,500 meters (all 45 meters above sea level) and it is mentioned that the operations will be patrolled, because there will be a complement of the International Airport of the City of Ciudad Mexico (AICM) and the Toluca International Airport.

A complex theme is the reconfiguration of the aerospace space and security, in close proximity to the AICM, what do the people say about these themes?

Air safety is guaranteed. There are legal procedures, health, ascents and descents interacting with the three airports, hecho, the AIFA procedures are certified by the SICT aircraft, there are certified certificates and Seneam are required to separate them ( longitudinal or vertical). By doing so we will ensure the air traffic and the people will be aware of what will be safe and will be quiet.

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