AIFA Advisory Commission projects the development of the central region of the country

In order to have a greater impact of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) in terms of economic, tourism, urban, communications and mobility development for the central region of the country, the Consultative Commission was installed.

The president of the Council of Chambers and Business Associations of the State of Mexico (Concaem), Gilberto Sauza Martínez, explained that the AIFA Consultative Commission seeks to analyze and project the orderly development of the region, for the benefit of its inhabitants and those who pass through the region. zone.

This is made up of representatives of the productive sector at the national level, airport authorities and federal and state orders in different areas.

Among the initial objectives to be achieved in regional matters by the AIFA Consultative Commission are the analysis of the state and municipal development plans of the towns surrounding the airport; establish dissemination actions in general, commercial, as well as cargo aviation, and promote commercial spaces and tourism development to project the value of all sectors.

The establishment of a new mechanism that would focus on setting up Inter-institutional Urban Development Roundtables was also proposed. The purpose is that the alternative projects that are developed by the air terminal are managed in the formality.

“A project of this magnitude definitely means the generation of many jobs, the contracting of services, suppliers, the development of commercial and housing activities that meet the needs of those who will work around the airport project. The first initiative that we have proposed is to ensure that all this takes place formally”, said Gilberto Sauza.

He explained that it also seeks to generate better infrastructure conditions to promote “a large-scale project of value, avoiding irregular concentrations, poles of misery or informal economic activities.”


Sauza Martínez assured that the invitation of the AIFA Consultative Commission to the private sector should be taken as a positive indicator, since this ensures that the generation of projects includes all sectors.

It is important to accompany the decisions made around this project so that its long-term impacts are reasoned, planned and anticipated in an inter-institutional manner”, he pointed out.

He stressed that Concaem has been considered to participate, since greater collegial work can be achieved in this region of the State of Mexico.

“It is a recognition of the leadership and representation that the business body has in the State of Mexico (…) I endorse the commitment to work together with the state and federal authorities, so that the growth of the air terminal means a positive impact for the units of the entire region and the well-being of the people of Mexico,” he added.

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