Aid to Ukraine | Scholz and Biden jointly lobby the US Congress

(Washington) US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke with one voice on Friday to ask the US Congress to finally release new aid for Ukraine, but nothing says they will be heard.

“The failure of the United States Congress to help Ukraine is almost criminal negligence. It’s a scandal,” castigated the 81-year-old Democrat, who for months has been asking for an additional $60 billion in order to resume military assistance, interrupted at the end of December.

“If the American Congress fails to find a solution to release financial aid, then it is a real threat to the protection of Ukrainian territory,” warned his guest at the end of their discussion.

The German Chancellor took advantage of a statement to the press to denounce the “absolutely ridiculous” interview given by Russian President Vladimir Putin to the American conservative host Tucker Carlson, close to Donald Trump, and broadcast the day before.

Thursday evening, Olaf Scholz met with several Democratic and Republican senators, calling on them to support Kyiv.

” Give the example ”

This bilateral visit, the third since he took office in December 2021, comes as the administration of President Joe Biden, campaigning for his re-election, and the Republican opposition in Congress have been negotiating for months a text including a new envelope for Ukraine as well as for Israel.

“The United States must maintain this role as world leader. We’re not saying they have to pay for everything, but they have to set an example and encourage the world to join the effort. Otherwise, our civilization is dead,” thundered former Polish President Lech Walesa on CNN shortly after the meeting between Joe Biden and Olaf Scholz.

The American Senate took a small step on Thursday towards the release of this aid, but its future remains very uncertain, due to the resistance put up by Trumpist elected officials in the House of Representatives.

An outcome across the Atlantic appears all the more vital at a time when Ukrainian troops are struggling on the front facing the Russian steamroller.

The new head of Ukraine’s forces, Oleksandr Syrsky, has promised a “clear” plan to repel the Russians.

It must respond to one of the major problems of the Ukrainian forces, namely the lack of ammunition, in the face of a still determined Russia.

Kyiv is also demanding long-range missiles, but Washington and Berlin are hesitant, for fear of provoking an uncontrollable escalation with the Kremlin, which has more than once raised the nuclear threat.

” Trust “

In the meantime, the German chancellor poses as a champion of aid to Ukraine: he has practically doubled the budget for military aid, to more than 7 billion euros this year, and continues to urge his European partners to increase their assistance, emphasizing that its country – the second largest contributor in absolute value after the United States – cannot carry everything on its shoulders.

Olaf Scholz and Joe Biden, linked by “a strong relationship of trust” according to German government sources, also spoke about the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

Both resolutely support Israel’s right to defend itself following the massacre of civilians perpetrated by Hamas on its soil on October 7, and say they are in favor of a two-state solution to ensure lasting peace.

Their meeting also came after an abrupt change of tone from the American president, who on Thursday described the Israeli response as “excessive”.

The two men also discussed the NATO summit scheduled to take place in July in Washington. Germany prides itself on meeting this year, for the first time, the objective of devoting 2% of its GDP to its defense budget.


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