Aid for the recruitment of work-study students extended to 2022, announces Jean Castex

The announcement comes the day before the presentation of the terms of a new “Skills investment plan”. Sunday September 26, Jean Castex said in an interview published on the Echoes he would set himself the goal of doing “Train 1.4 million job seekers in 2022”. The Prime Minister also announced the extension “Over the whole of 2022” aid for the recruitment of work-study students.

Referring to the recruitment difficulties which tend “To generalize”, Jean Castex let it be known that the government intends “Mobilize an additional 1.4 billion euros over 2021 and 2022, including 900 million from this year” for vocational training, specifying that it involves redeploying emergency funds that had been “Budgeted for crisis management”. SMEs with 51 to 300 employees “Will benefit from 600 million to train their employees”adds Mr. Castex.

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An emphasis on training the unemployed

“For the unemployed, we take the position of giving maximum priority to in-company training, which is directly operational”, continues the Prime Minister. He announced that the state will sign “New agreements with the regions and with Pôle emploi, to the tune of 560 million, and opening up new training courses to all job seekers regardless of their level of qualification. Objective: to train 1.4 million job seekers in 2022 ”.

For long-term job seekers, who now account for more than one in two registered at Pôle Emploi (50.3%), he indicates that he wants to “Make the benefit of professionalization contracts for adults more attractive”. And this “By extending assistance for the hiring of work-study students over the whole of 2022, which works very well for young people”. This aid of 5,000 euros for a minor, 8,000 euros for an adult, which also concerns professionalization contracts, has been extended several times, the last time in early September until June 30, 2022.

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The end of “comfort” tests

In this same interview, Jean Castex has also confirmed the end of free Covid-19 screening “comfort” tests on October 15. “It is no longer legitimate to pay excessive ‘comfort’ tests at taxpayer expense”, said the Prime Minister. “But tests will continue to be reimbursed for medical reasons, either without prescription for people already vaccinated, or on prescription for others. We also want to maintain free admission for minors ” he adds.

In his speech on July 12, Emmanuel Macron announced that the “comfort” tests would pay off in the fall. The measure is supposed to encourage vaccination, but also to reduce the bill for screening, which cost 2.2 billion euros in 2020 and for which 4.9 billion are planned this year.

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