Aguascalientes goes by Gran Bajío alliance: Teresa Jiménez

I am going to be a governor of proposals (…) we are going to be knocking on doors. I am a person who builds ties with great respect at all levels of government and this is not going to be the exception. I have never been a lawsuit; I have always been of alliances”.

The governments of Querétaro, Guanajuato and Aguascalientes will create the strategic alliance Great Shoalwhich will aim to unleash the economic development potential of that region in the center of the country, announced Maria Teresa Jimenez Esquivel. “We are going to have a fair competition, where we can take advantage of the potential of each of the states, of their regions and, at the same time, consolidate the Great Bajío as the national leader that it already is.”

In an interview, the elected governor of Aguascalientes He highlighted that, despite the economic effects generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the three entities have continued to attract foreign investment and are in a position to compete in international markets with quality products.

The politician, of PAN militancy, who will become the first woman to govern Aguascalientes, highlighted that the three participating states in this regional alliance are governed by Blue and Whites, “Mauricio Kuri, Diego Sinhue and I share a vision that has a lot to do with our party; Of course, everyone has their own personality and, of course, the challenges in their State”.

In the case of AguascalientesJiménez Esquivel stressed that although the automotive industry has been the main engine of development of that entity (more than 200,000 people in the state depend on it) and will continue to be supported, it is time to seek diversification of the state economy.

To achieve this, he indicated, his administration will bet on the promotion of the agro-industrial, textile, livestock and aeronautical sectors, with a focus on exports, ensuring that the benefits of progress benefit the four regions of the state.

He explained that there are ample possibilities for the agricultural industry of Aguascalientes in the United States market, as well as in China and Japan, where there is a high demand for packaged foods and “they are turning to Aguascalientes. I am sure that we can take food production to another level.”

He stressed that currently there are already some companies that grow fruits and vegetables and wineries that operate in the entity, which already benefit from it, due to the high fertility of the soil of Aguascalientes.

The same occurs with the demand for dairy and meat products, although in this case, what is needed is to help companies to obtain the international certifications required by the countries that are demanding these products, to guarantee quality and efficiency in the delivery. He recalled that Aguascalientes is currently the tenth largest producer of milk and the third largest producer of chicken.

Likewise, it was noted that the entity is an important exporter of denim, through prestigious international brands, which have proven the quality of what is made in this region of Mexico. The same happens with the supply of the aeronautical industry, he added.

The former municipal president of Aguascalientes and former federal deputy commented that one of the priorities of her administration will be the promotion of science and technology and even announced that a secretariat for the branch will be created.

According to the governor-elect, one of the objectives in this matter will be to have a close relationship between the training of university professionals and technicians with the companies of branches of the industries settled in the state, in order to produce the talent that companies need. “The companies that are in Aguascalientes and those that want to be have let us know that a key factor is human resources. In Aguascalientes we have first class people, in any case we need to train more people in the races and disciplines of the future”.

It will promote an efficient exit to the sea from the center of the country

On the other hand, Teresa Jimenez He explained that his administration will continue with the development of the infrastructure. Among the first works, the rehabilitation of the so-called Third Peripheral Ring of the City of Aguascalientes stands out, with the aim of enhancing the benefits that the recently built capital bypass will bring. Likewise, a cargo logistics center will be built and the Aguascalientes airport will be expanded and rural roads will be improved.

Jiménez Esquivel reported that he will seek the help of the federal government to improve communication by land to Mazatlan, with the aim that businessmen from Aguascalientes can have efficient access to that port of Sinaloa, a point of trade with Asia.

Seeks to build alliances with the federal government

The governor-elect said that throughout her career she has always had to build alliances, and expressed her willingness to foster a cooperative relationship with the federal government. “I am going to be a governor of proposals (…) we are going to be knocking on doors. I am a person who builds ties with great respect at all levels of government and this is not going to be the exception. I have never been a lawsuit; I have always been of alliances”.

According to the next governor, her administration will request help from the federal government for the aforementioned infrastructure works, as well as for the construction of the Pabellón de Arteaga Hospital to be completed.

When asked what it means to be a few months away from becoming the first female governor of that entity, she said: “I have a great commitment to represent the women of this country with dignity. Aguascalientes in all sectors (…) I have to show that women have the capacity to know how to govern and give good results”.


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