Agreements against the clock

Against the clock, deputies and deputies accelerated this Wednesday the legislative discussion to approve the package of reforms of Fiscal Miscellaneous, Rights Law and Income Law of the Federation 2022, this after a delay of more than 10 hours caused by the physical confrontation between PAN and Morena legislators.

It was 4 pm this Wednesday, when the discussion related to the Tax Miscellany began to speed up in the Lower House; with each of the reservations, filed by the opposition, being discarded, without further analysis or claim. At the same time that the members of Morena declined to participate in the rostrum, withdrawing their proposals or asking that they be registered in the diary of the debates.

Thus, four hours passed until one of the most anticipated issues arrived: modifying the ruling to prevent 18-year-olds from registering with the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC), the so-called “fiscal terrorism”, by the opposition.

It was then that, as on few occasions, the agreements between the different parliamentary groups were made present.

The approved reserve, proposed by the deputy Lidia García Anaya (Morena), pointed out that it should be noted that registering young people in the Federal Taxpayers Registry should not be mandatory and nor generate penalties for those who do not register in said Registry.

To which Legislator Elizabeth Pérez Valdez (PRD) expressed the approval of her bench, not without first highlighting that “finally, we found ears that are not deaf”, after accusing that this modification was not a triumph of the ruling party.

While Hiram Hernández Zetina (PRI) regretted that the vote had been taken to the detriment of young people, since the sanctions were not explicitly eliminated, for which he considered that this modification “is only a simulation.”

The PRI also did not hesitate to call the members of the majority group and allies arrogant, since he stressed that only when they got up to the rostrum to present modifications were they approved.

“Our voice is not worth then colleagues … We need the rules of tolerance and mutual respect to be more alive than ever … And not be divided by dark interests and personal agendas,” he launched.

In the same vein, Congressman José Elías Lixa Abimerhi (PAN) spoke out against the proposal, considering that it is necessary to establish reforms through reason and not through media pressure.

This, after the parliamentary majority was forced to establish the reserve, which it described as insufficient, because in the name of article 27 of the Fiscal Code of the Federation, the obligations of natural persons to declare their income are established.

However, he celebrated that Morena’s own “attempt” to apply fiscal terrorism against young people was modified by the party itself.

Finally, to close the issue, Deputy Marcelino Castañeda Navarrete (PRD) clarified that his party would vote in favor of the modifications, however, he considered that they were inconclusive.

Previously, the session passed without major confrontations, with Morena giving in to the debate, while the legislators of the PAN, PRI, PRD and MC seized the rostrum, although this was not reflected in any change to the opinion under discussion, since the The proposal to apply a zero rate to pet food, to household electricity rates, Internet, gasoline, diesel and face masks, was not of interest to the majority and one by one they were discarded.

Thus, after three days of discussion, around 11:00 at night, the Tax Miscellany for 2022 was finally approved, but until the close of this edition the Federal Revenue Law and the Federal Law still had to be debated. of rights.

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