AGAR: Like it or not, vaccine mandates are still popular

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Some people passionately believe that a public uprising against vaccine mandates is coming. You are wrong.


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On Twitter, someone pointed a cartoon at me to illustrate their position. It shows a group of businessmen on the topic of the Monopoly banker type playing with a large amount of cash on the board.

The board rests on the back of the folded people, and the legend says: “If the people stand up, the game is over.” That’s a clever cartoon, and in some cases, it does apply.

But despite the righteous anger of those who send me this material, today we are in the strange position of the government doing what the public wants overwhelmingly. Vaccine mandates are very popular with the Canadian public.

Several survey companies, independent of each other, have shown that more than 80% of the public wants vaccine mandates at work and in public places. 82% of Canadians over the age of 12 are fully vaccinated. Eighty-seven percent have at least one dose, suggesting that 90% fully vaccinated is within reach.


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Even people between the ages of 12 and 39, the people who are among those most at risk from COVID-19, are more than 75% fully vaccinated.

People have overwhelmingly voted yes to vaccines.

Something as controversial as the 50% yes and no death penalty polls in Canada. Polls just before the pandemic showed that roughly a third of Canadians are still against gay marriage.

It is very difficult to get high acceptance on something and therefore it is significant that more than 80% are in favor of vaccine mandates.

I’m sorry to have to tell the fringe people that they are on the fringes. There is no great uprising coming. The media are not out of tune with the public and neither are the politicians.

And remember, I say this as a guy who doesn’t like mandates and thinks they are mismanaged and implemented without really thinking.


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That restaurants still have capacity issues for laid-back diners while people sit so close at a hockey game that they touch while shouting, dancing and singing is a disconnect that baffles me.

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But explaining that mandates exist and are legal is a necessary function of the media. Anyone who thinks explaining something amounts to perplexed to make it happen is just showing the obtuse nature of those who attack the media.

The reason people don’t rage or protest in the way that the outsiders want to is that the large crowd doesn’t think the game is unfair in general.

Contrary to another of the constant misunderstandings of the marginalized: we are still a democratic country. Did you notice that choice just a few weeks ago?

It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, but that’s democracy for you.

If a government is determined to keep mandates and other policies in place beyond their usefulness to anyone other than the politicians in charge, it will eventually lose power to a party that will end them. That is democracy.

But at this point, vaccine mandates are as popular a government policy as you could find.

If you think you know more than legal and constitutional experts, and you can’t tell the difference between an explanation and an endorsement, and you can beat 80% of the public, you’re not the smart one.



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