Peligroso is living in a country where the power comes from the feet and the man escapes. The result is very painful when a governor uses his power to disparage, make dudas, cizaña, destroy reputations and manipulate the law, without any consequence. Peligroso is when justice is selective and the law does not limit the power of women gobiernan because it reflects, because with it in the mano it is intimate, it is persecution and it is castigated that questioning is open to power, by legitimacy that it is questioning is based on the fact that the opinion is issued. Peligroso is living in a country where the State of Derecho is more of an illusion.

Frontal attack on an institution like the Catholic Church, in addition to being very bad in a country like Mexico, the costume is very expensive and the pegaria gives more duel: in its popularity. For it has no front, for its point and distraction, for its signal indirectly and has as has nothing to do with; therefore it always uses jokes to make the work difficult since hypocrisy is one of its sovereign characteristics.

The Superior Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) resolves that the Secretariat of the Government should impose sanctions against three religious ministers debating that in the elections of 2021 he shall be incapacitated by acts of constitutional law and separation between church and state. The senators are the Archbishop of Mexico, Cardenal Carlos Aguiar Retes, Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iñiguez and the parish priest Mario Angel Flores, Rector of the Pontifical University of Mexico.

All of them have legitimate ways of expressing themselves and hiccuping personal pronouncements about the social reality of the country. They, like millions of Mexicans, express our distinctive ways of dealing with the future of Mexico.

We are millions of Mexicans who recognize the deterrent tan evidently provoked by a governing body of logs standing at the sight of all: he multiplied poverty, violence, corruption, impunity, he died dying for miles due to lack of medication and he dilapidated the money of the mexicans in absurd works, only to mention some. Some people who love their country have a hard time realizing it.

“The Catholic Church respects the dispositions of civil power, since it exists with the finality of preserving the order and procuring the common good; without embarrassment, on this occasion, it does not agree with the criteria set out in the TEPJF’s sentence. ” Expressed the Conference of the Mexican Episcopate (CEM) in a communication.

“Considering that, in a modern democratic state, this type of restrictive resolution of the human rights is based on the established parameters in treaties and international conventions,” said Monsignor Ramón Castro, Secretary General of the CEM.

The problem of the foundation is that the essence of this governing body is oppression and oppression of liberty, salvation, solidarity and the common good that proclaims, defends and promotes Catholic Church. Evidence is current. Any invitation to think, to discern, to reflect on the vote and to recognize the reality of this one and not like the pinta el gobierno, is percibida as an amenaza al poder. For a governing body that seeks to exploit poverty and manipulation in its future, the defense of these universal principles and values ​​that the Catholic Church has, represents an obstacle to advancing its manipulative, perverse and destructive agenda.

Freedom of expression is prevalent and attacks are rampant in Mexico. It is no coincidence that this sex has been the most violent and that the most periodicals have been assigned. Whoever opposes and questions the governor or generates alternatives for the country, will risk.

However, the objective is to attack one of the institutions with greater credibility and force in the country. We will see that the Secretariat of Government and will have the power to dispose of it.

Serve this episode as a great tribute to all the Catholics and Mexicans of other believers who have committed to defend freedom. We do not believe that the foundation of this battle is cultural, but all spiritual. The worst advance but we trust that it will triumph. For that reason we defend in Mexico more united than ever.

Armando Regil Velasco

Licensed in International Negotiations

Ágora 2.0

Licensed in International Negotiations graduated with honorary mention by the Tec de Monterrey. Georgetown University School of Economics and Public Policy. Accounted with various graduates of institutes such as: the University of International Business and Economics of Beijing.

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