After Yannick Jadot’s victory in the environmentalist primary, follow the reactions and ask us your questions

What is Yannick Jadot’s program?

  • On themes dear to environmentalists

Regarding the fight against climate change, Yannick Jadot hopes that companies still committed to fossil fuels can no longer receive public money. He advocates an exit from nuclear power “Responsibly, that is to say over fifteen or twenty years”. He wants 100% organic, quality and local school canteens, and says he is in favor of 0% VAT on organic and local products. He also defends the ban on cage farming and fur farming, and even proposes the creation of an animal welfare ministry. Regarding transport, he wants to ban sales of classic diesel and thermal cars from 2030.

  • On the economy and work

Yannick Jadot offers a“Large investment plan of 50 billion euros per year to rebuild the economy, accelerate the renovation of housing, deploy renewable energies and everything relating to collective and carbon-free mobility”. He also wants a wealth tax with a broad base and high product, without derogation, and intends to align the taxation of labor and capital. He also proposes the merger of the RSA and the activity bonus to create a citizen’s income.

  • On social issues

Yannick Jadot wishes a great reflection on the school around training, salaries, staffing, status and resources, in urban and rural areas. Regarding secularism, he said that the law on the subject is a “Jewel of the Republic”, posing ” an extremely strong principle: nobody can force you to believe or not to believe, therefore nobody can force you to dress against your will, that is what we must absolutely respect ”.

On immigration, Mr. Jadot intends to return to the European Dublin III regulation and considers “Urgent to stop abandoning migrants who cross the Mediterranean or the continents”. Yannick Jadot is in favor of legalizing cannabis “Under public control, to treat people with addiction”, and considers that vaccination against Covid-19 is the“Solution against the pandemic”.

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