After the ice storm, colder weather in southern Quebec

After the episode of freezing rain that blanketed southern and central Quebec, the winter storm should persist in the morning with snow showers in the more eastern sectors, while the mercury will drop.

According to Environment Canada, the southwest of the province received some 5 millimeters of ice overnight, while the more central areas were well sprinkled with 10 to 15 millimeters.

However, in the south, the freezing rain changed to rain as temperatures rose overnight, but the mercury is expected to drop on Wednesday when intermittent rain is expected ending normally around noon.

In Montreal and parts of the St. Lawrence River Valley, it will be -9 degrees, but it will be much colder in the west where the weather will be mostly cloudy, with perhaps some intermittent snow in Abitibi.

In Estrie and Beauce, after the ice storm, the day will begin with rain showers changing to snow in the afternoon with sometimes strong winds, while the mercury will show -9 degrees on the meter.

In Quebec, the freezing rain that fell heavily the day before should end at midday to give way to cloudy weather and pleasant temperatures for the season, unlike the sectors further north where snow is forecast and colder.

The east of the province has been hit by a real winter storm that has left 25 to 40 centimeters of snow on the ground since Tuesday evening, while areas south of the St. Lawrence River could be affected by rain. freezing.

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