More than half a century has passed since the Presidency handled the figure of the “covered”, to choose the PRI candidate, a candidacy that, contrary to the legends of the National Palace, invariably agreed with the political groups.

Already in the eighties the names of the applicants were leaked to the public, applicants who had to prove ability and mettle and win consensus. Already during the alternations of this century the competition was different.

It is President Andrés Manuel López Obrador who revives the cover art by enlisting Claudia Sheinbaum and Marcelo Ebrard and suggesting that there could be a third or fourth. “Tapadista” and cruel uncertainty that gives even more power to the Executive.

Mexico secures its other border in May

In politics there are no gaps, nor are there coincidences, which will be proven by the next trip to Central America and Cuba by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who seems to be getting ready for a leading role in the Caribbean.

On Thursday, Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Fernández arrived in Washington to meet with officials of the Biden administration, the first opening of the Democratic president towards Castro’s Cuba.

President López Obrador’s visit to Havana will take advantage of the impetus for improving Cuban-American relations, knowing that, sooner or later, there will be a transition in Cuba, and Mexico will play its role. While he takes care of his third border.

SEP: inadmissible educational entertainment

The claim of a renowned group of academics was published, some with respectable and respected trajectories on the left, who claim the project to change the educational model that circulates in the SEP.

They propose to eliminate the qualification and evaluation of students and, they say, even the elimination of school grades. “They speak of phases”, in what seems like an unfortunate cocktail lacking a clear ideological definition.

It seems to be a pathetic mixture of premises of the Marxist communes with premises of Bakunin’s solvent anarchism and a dose of nihilism. Irresponsible intellectual entertainment at the expense of the children and youth of Mexico.

Swirling Notes

At some point, someone will dare to issue a warning to the presidential office that arguing with the governor of Texas, Gregg Abbott, is offering Mexico as a volunteer —read punching bag— for the campaign that has already begun for the legislative elections in the United States next November… Some ask when the Attorney General of the Republic will request the removal of immunity from the 223 who have been accused by the Government of the Republic as traitors to the Homeland. It is true, they ask… The fiercest critics of the authoritarian Presidency of the last century have recognized that for 90 years that regime, in the midst of disorders and coups in Latin America, gave Mexico an “orderly and peaceful transmission of six-year power.” “Parajodas” of life, the classic would say… The Czech Václav Havel used to say: “when polarization threatens the future of a Nation, the only rational alternative is to stop seeing what separates us and take a good look at what unites us”. .

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Political Journalist

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