Afores lower commissions

Due to operational and financial improvements, it is that the Retirement Savings System (HE) reports positive numbers at the end of 2021.

According to the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System (eat) retirement fund administrators (Afores) saw their commissions drop by 23 basis points, which will mean savings of 11.8 billion pesos and an increase of approximately 6% in the replacement rate, with which they will benefit 70 million workers.

Regulatory improvement is also highlighted to simplify processes and reduce operating costs without affecting the quality of services.

Likewise, it is pointed out that among other positive results are found that the HE manages more than 70 million accounts for more than 5.2 billion pesos that represent 20.5% of GDP. These resources are 31.39% of the total assets of the financial system and represent long-term savings.

It should be noted that the average balance of registered accounts was 96,437 pesos and the contributions to the workers’ accounts totaled 305,000 million pesos.

Likewise, 1.9 million account registrations were made, which means an increase of 12.4% compared to 2020.

Finally, they add that the system has granted a nominal annual rate of return of 11.15% and 5.35% in real terms. This as a result of the investments to which through the always workers have access regardless of their income level or age.


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