Afi creates a ‘venture capital’ to invest in Spanish start-ups that will later absorb

Important initiative of International Financial Analysts (Afi). The consulting and education group chaired by the famous economist Emilio Ontiveros has created a society of venture capital at the corporate level with which you will invest one million euros in up to 15 start-ups Spanish from fintech, edtech O data science in order to integrate their products and services afterwards. Or even absorb the companies themselves if necessary.

The vehicle in question has been named as Afi Corporate Venturing. It is 100% owned by Afi, it is a company not regulated by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and, therefore, it will not give entry to external investors.

The project was born at the initiative of Isabel Gaya, consultant of corporate finance and Afi, e Ignacio Astorqui, market analyst. Supervision is carried out by Pablo Manueco, partner responsible for the group’s Corporate area.

Emilio Ontiveros, president of Afi, in a file photo.

Emilio Ontiveros, president of Afi, in a file photo.

“We want to take a further step in our consulting and training work by investing in the capital of companies that have the same DNA as Afi”, that is, that have to do with finance, technology and education, wields Mañueco.

With this initiative, “we have a strategic goal, not just financial: identify new products and services that we will later incorporate into our service offering and to our customers ”.

Up to 250,000 euros per investee

The 180 business consultants that Afi has will be able to support the start-ups invested in various aspects. The group will provide them with knowledge, will open commercial doors for them and will make joint developments with the firms. The areas in which this program will move pivot on fintech, insurtech, wealth management, edtech, analytics and data science.

The budget with which Afi Corporate Venturing has been endowed amounts to one million euros. It will be reversed throughout the next year or year and a half in the capital of between five and 15 participated, according to the amount that is dedicated to each company. The limit that has been marked is 250,000 euros per investee, and almost all of them will be based in Spain.

Unlike venture capital funds or venture capital more traditional, resources come from Afi’s treasury, so the implementation of the investment program will be “very fast” since they do not have to raise money between any institutional client, private bank or family office as it usually happens in this sector.

Among the requirements that the start-ups For Afi to put her eyes on them, they are “very recently created, in the initial stages of their development, but at least six months old. track record“And they must have a” business plan, a committed team, a large and growing market size and, above all, an innovative solution “, lists Gaya, one of the creators of the program.

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