Faced with the meteoric offensive of the Taliban, and their seizure of power in Afghanistan, panic has won over part of the population. Many are trying to flee the country, to escape the new regime that the Islamist movement promises to put in place.

For the future, I call for an immediate end to the violence, respect for the rights of all Afghans and respect by Afghanistan for all international agreements entered into by the country.“said UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

The next few days will be decisive. The world is watching us. We cannot and must not abandon the Afghan people” he added.

The disengagement of the United States in recent weeks has made it possible for the Taliban to return to Kabul. Bitterness is great within the international community, especially in Germany. Over the past 20 years, Berlin has deployed a total of 150,000 troops to the country.

Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her frustration and cited reasons “domestic policy“for the American withdrawal.”For all those who have tried to work for progress and freedom” in this country “especially women, these are bitter events“, she declared in front of executives of her party, according to remarks reported by participants in AFP.

It is now a given that Al-Qaeda can no longer carry out attacks against the United States from Afghanistan, as they did on September 11, 2001.” did she say. “But not everything that followed was so successful and was not done the way we had planned.“.

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For his part, Emmanuel Macron announced the sending of two military transport planes to repatriate the French still present in Afghanistan. The French president also spoke of the management of predictable “significant irregular migratory flows “ to Europe.

We will carry in connection with the Republic ** Federal Government and with other European states, an initiative to build without delay a robust, coordinated and united response“he announced during his televised address.”Afghanistan must not once again become the sanctuary for terrorism that it was ** “he added.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on the G7 countries to meet at a virtual summit in the coming days, to achieve a unified approach on the issue of Afghanistan.


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