European Union foreign ministers are holding an emergency meeting today to discuss the situation in Afghanistan. EU countries are trying to evacuate diplomats and nationals from Kabul. Their priority is evacuation their Afghan nationals and personnel.

A number of EU countries are deploying military planes to bring home their citizens, officials here in Brussels will wonder how they can ensure those who remain in Afghanistan receive their aid“, explains Euronews correspondent Anelise Borges.

EU recalls its attachment to Afghanistan

Peter Stano, the European Union’s spokesperson for foreign affairs, assures him: Brussels will be there. He recalled the EU’s attachment to the Afghan people: “_We will help and assist them – as we have done so far. This means that thehumanitarian aid will be continued. That is why we say that it is very important to maintain access and we call on all warring parties, especially now in Kabul, to allow this humanitarian aid to arrive. _ “

It remains to be defined how this help will arrive and how long it will take to put everything in place.

Officials say they will not rush when it comes to deciding whether the Taliban are a potential partner who can be trusted to protect the human rights and freedoms the Afghan people have fought for so harshly. The EU has an important lever here – its generous aid in financing development programs for Afghanistan. Brussels has granted Kabul 1.4 billion euros for 2014-2020 development projects. “, specifies Anelise Borges.

As political leaders virtually come together to strategize to deal with this latest crisis, thousands of people in Afghanistan say, time is against them.

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